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    Hi, any suggestions how to demux an .MP4 file into elementary streams, so that I can then process the elementary video stream using DGAVCDec and AVIsynth ? WinXP-SP2 PC.

    Tried YAMB which spent a long long time and yields a file with a strange extension like .cmp which I can't play with MPC. Tried to run AVIDEMUX which caused TREND 2008 antivirus to say "no" with a "attempted library injection" type popup.

    So, advice on an appropriate .mp4 demuxer tool (and example commandline if applicable) would be much appreciated.
    (Oh, just for reference, hasn't answered it usefully for me as yet).
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    You can't play a raw avc h264 file (to the best of my knowledge). It has to be in a container, hence apps like AVC2AVI. Once you've demuxed it, you can open it up in DGAVCindex, as long as it is h264 and not XVID

    Use Gspot to determine what's inside the MP4


    Not Good

    Use 1.6 of YAMB

    A recent MP4box.exe to place in the unzipped Yamb folder

    Load the raw h264 in DGAVCindex


    And that should do it. The rest is in the DGAVCdec documentation

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    Profuse thanks. The mp4box download wouldn't work for me, for some reason. Downloaded instead and that at least started up... then encountered error:
    [19:48:18] : YAMB 1.6.0 started !
    [19:48:18] : OS type detection...
    [19:48:18] : Windows XP Professional (version 5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)
    [19:48:18] : Checking MP4Box location...MP4Box found.
    [19:48:18] : Checking MediaInfo.dll... found.
    [19:50:54] : Extracting started...
    [19:50:54] : Exporting & Converting stream...
    [19:51:32] : Exporting failed.
    When opening, the .mp4 file, this was the video info
    Track # 1 Info - TrackID 1 - TimeScale 30000 - Duration 02:15:39.698
    Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "vide:avc1" - 243947 samples
    MPEG-4 Config: Visual Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x21
    AVC/H264 Video - Visual Size 576 x 384 - Profile High @ Level 5.1
    NAL Unit length bits: 32
    Pixel Aspect Ratio 1:1 - Indicated track size 576 x 384
    Downloaded YAMB and tried that with this mp4box too, and the combo worked fine.

    Beats me, but am very happy. Thankyou.
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    thanks loads wulf109, that tool is perfect, I found this thread Googling for a solution to take the audio out of youtube videos.
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