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    Anyone on here heard of video files with a .G64 extension??? I have a file a work colleague of mine is wanting to convert to AVI or WMV for an art project. Its from a Security DVD recorder used for recording CCTV footage. Nothing dodgy or criminal mind you

    It came on a disc with a HTML viewer program which lets me see the footage in the file but it does not convert. I dont have access to any of the original recording equipment which I assume would be my best bet for transferring this footage to another media.

    I'm really struggling to find any information on the net about this particular type of video file.

    Can anyone help?????


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    try gspot and see if it can identify the codec used.
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  3. Its from a Security DVD recorder used for recording CCTV footage.
    Probably You need specific software (CCTV) for this recorder.
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    These are industrial type of video files. Omnicast LiveViewer by Genetec is program used to view these file types. I looked on line and could not find this as a freebe. We are an industrial facility and have purchased this software good luck
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