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  1. We are looking for "open source" (or free!) Windows software to place a watermark on video. Anyone know of one?"
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  2. What video format? We have one for DV....
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  3. Here are two Non-free softwares that do exactly what I want.

    vidlogo -
    video watermark factory -

    Does anyone know of any FREE softwares that do this?

    I don't need a graphic watermark overlay. I only need TEXT.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I want to do MULTIPLE videos in batch.
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    We get asked this all the time and Subtitles is probably not the right forum to ask this. Anyway, here's one guide:
    I found this by simply searching on "watermark" as a title in posts here.
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  5. What input and output video formats?

    Define "only need text"? Text IS graphic. Do you want fancy fonts, colors etc? Does the text change?
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    Subtitle("text to show on video", align=5)
    *=avi,wmv,mpg etc

    you can change the text position by altering the align value in the script
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