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    the audio in some parts of my video is not parallel with the video. how am i able to fix it? i knew virtualdub is able to do it, but i dunno how. anyone can gv me some advices?thnx
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    Do you mean the audio/video sync changes? That's not interleaving. Two common types of sync problems:

    The sync is in error the same amount the length of the video, or it gradually changes during the length.

    The first can be fixed by applying a audio offset to the video. VD calls that 'skew'. Fairly easy to adjust. But the amount of 'skew' can be hard to determine.

    The second can be caused by the audio and video being different lengths. One or the other needs to be adjusted so they both match. This can get a bit more complicated. But usually the audio is easier to adjust. You will have to separate it from the video. Then you can use some audio editors like Audacity to adjust the audio length, and usually the pitch, then combine it back with the video.

    Or, worst case, you have a combination of both sync problems or multiple instances of those throughout the video. When I find that, I usually delete the video as fixing it can be very complex and rarely worth the effort.
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