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    Hi everone, here's my problem. I'm trying to convert the film A Bittersweet Life to DVD. Currently, the movie is broken up into two .avi parts, CD 1 and CD 2, each with it's own .srt subtitle file. No matter what i do, it seems that i end up with a VIDEO_TS version of the film with decent quality but the subtitles AND audio are always very out of sync with th movie (i.e. as the movie progresses, the sound and subs get more and more out of sync). HOWEVER, on some conversition, i've noticed that only one or the other is out of sync and not always both. Here's what i've tried so far:

    1) Opening both .avi files into Quicktime Pro (with persian installed so the subs load) and saving each file, which in turn combines the corresponding .avi and .srt files into one .mov file (i know they are combined and that it is not persian automatically loading the subs because i save the .movs with different titles than the .srts i.e. From here, i load both combined .mov files into Visualhub and try to convert them to DVD. I've tried doing this with both "stich videos together" checked and unchecked with the same results (audio & subs out of sync). I tried combining subs in Submerge as well (rendering and saving) but the same results after prossessing them in Visualhub.

    2) I've tried using the alternative way of adding subs via Quicktime pro as well (opening the movie, showing properties window, extracting audio, saving audio, deleteing audio, exporting, closing reopening (subtitles then auto merge). click here if you're not sure what i mean:

    again, i load these into Visualhub, try to convert to DVD, and the same problem happens.

    3) I thought that maybe something was wrong with the .avi or .srt files so i tried these methods with another film of the same structure, I'm a Cyborg But That's OK (again, CD1, CD2, srt1 and srt2 - btw awesome movie ) Anyway, i got the same results!!!

    4) The strange part is, I've had no problem using the above methods with single .avi movies with singles cooresponding .srt files. For example, Visitor Q (yes, I like crazy asian films) works fine with both methods 1 & 2 and plays flawlessly on my DVD player. So i though, why not make A Bittersweet Life into one movie file? I've tried cutting and pasting the .avi files in QTpro then saving it as one file. Then, I used this site: ( link )to merge the .srt files to one (leaving me with one .srt and one .avi). I even managed to sync up the .srt file to match the dialogue and tested it in VLC before loading it back into quicktime (renaming so that persian recognizes the newly combined .srt) then saving as one .mov file (that now contains all four peices), running it through Visualhub now as one file and STILL I get this problem!!! I've also tried the cutting pasting method using in submerge. same results.

    5) I tried encoding the single file through Toast but the quality was so miserable i didn't even check to see if it worked. I've been putzing around with FFmpegx but don't really know how to using it. The things i've been trying have not even come close though. I've basically loaded all my little creations into ffmpegx and tried converting them into different DVD- versions (DVD mpeg2enc DVD ffmpeg etc.). i get a whole new set of problems with this method for example, the audio and subs seem to work but when i scan through the VIDEO_TS folder the first frame of the second original .avi file is frozen for about 25 minutes of the DVD. I have NO idea what that's about about feel like i was closer using Visualhub.

    So now i'm just pulling ideas out of my ass that are not really based on anything and i need you're help!!!! - whether out of the goodness of your heart or because it's a challenge or whatever, i beg of you PLEASE PLEASE help me!!! Thanks in advance
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    You would likely get better answers to Mac specific questions in our Mac Forum. Moving you.

    Just as a guess, it may have been how it was split and it may have had delays added or something different done to each half at some point.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    Some help i received from a very knowlegable person on another forum. Just thought i'd spread the news (the first option worked for me):

    I wouldn't try stitching the avi's and srt's together, that often gives sync problems (though it can work sometimes). Also , you have to check the original avi and srt files to see if there are no sync problems with the subtitles to begin with. I've often had subtitles that were made for a different version of the same movie that didn't quite match. You can use the app Jubler to correct subtitle timing.

    First, I would try this:
    Open your original avi's in QuickTime to check if Perian loads the subtitles (you already did that), but don't save them as a .mov file. Then drop your original avi's (two parts) in the VisualHub conversion window, use the DVD tab - check author to DVD - that should automatically set the 'stitch files together' function. Go to the advanced panel and check 'Force QuickTime decoding'. Let VH do it's magic and hopefully the result is OK.

    Other options:
    - Use FFMpegX to convert avi file part 1 to DVD with the matching subtitles for part 1. Usually, I use the 'DVD ffmpeg' preset. All you have to do after setting that preset is go to the 'Video' tab to set the framerate (change PAL to NTSC or vice versa if needed) and then the autosize (DVD or DVD 16:9). Then go to the 'Filters' tab and click 'load subs' to load your subtitles. Hit encode and you should get a VIDEO_TS folder at the end. Repeat this for part 2. Open the video folders in DVD player or VLC to check if you can load the subtitles (they are not burned in so you have to make them appear).
    When you have the two video_ts folders, use DVD2OneX to join multiple movie titles: load the first video_ts folder, go to the subtitles section on the left and check the little box on the right. Then click the '++' button to add a seamless title and select the second video_ts folder. Doublecheck to see if the subtitles are still selected in the first part (don't know why but it sometimes gets deselected). Hit the green button and output to a File set or image file, so you can check the result before burning. Even on your set-top DVD player you might have to use the 'subtitle' button on your remote to make the subs appear.

    - You can also use the 'DVD mpeg2enc' preset in FFMpegX. That allows you to choose 'Burn .srt' in the Filters tab after you loaded the subtitles. Then repeat as above for joining the two video_ts folders (with burned in subs this time).
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