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    hey everyone,

    iīve been literaly for months trying to solve this problem, i even work in this area but there seems to be no solution to this thing.

    i have a movie which i want to edit the audio in premiere, the movie audio is in ac3, iīve looked every region the dvd was released and the original audio source is always 5.1, thereīs no 2.0 audio version in that movie as far as iīm concerned. ok so we canīt convert an ac3 track to a stereo one, it just doesnīt work, ok thatīs logic and thatīs fine. i mean we can convert but thatīs just stupid. iīve riipped the dvd to various formats, even downloaded various versions of the movie in the net (the audio is always in ac3 in every version).

    The thing is, after importing the movie in premiere, after +/- 20 minutes the audio goes ou of sync randomly, i supposed because the ac3 origin. even after converting the ac3 audio to various other formats it still goes randomly out of sync in the middle of the movie, so once again i assumed that even though i converted to a stereo file (so the audio in premiere wouldnīt mess up), the origin being 5.1 (ac3) will always go out of sync in stereo editing software.

    Ok, yesterday a friend of mine told me, why donīt you record the audio of the movie in any audio editing software, just play the movie, record in real time, and then import it to premiere, use the original ripped version of the movie you have (from which the audio was recorded in real time to stereo) then import that same audio you recorded, and voila! the audio is now fully stereo... and u wonīt be annoyed by the original ac3 thing that affect all the previous conversions i tried...

    ANYWAY... the audio goes out of sync randomly again... and it is just in this movie... all the other movies work!!!! what the hell is going on? :S i managed to download in the net one of those filmed versions of the movie (TS) in which the audio is acceptable (but itīs not like the original) and in THAT version the audio does NOT go out of sync!!!! is it because it was originaly stereo recorded? i mean... not even with the real time recording i can get a decent audio of the movie in stereo just to edit it to my own personal enjoy?

    Can anyone please help me ?

    All the matters related to codecs, drivers and non-compatible software installed was already over-looked and theyīre not the cause of this problem, I triple-triple-triple checked...

    And concerning the downloadble versions of the movie, i have the original, so weīre not talking about ilegal stuff.

    Please can anyone help me?

    Very (REALLY VERY) much apreciated...

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  2. Need more info on the "randomly out of synch". Be precise, such as "at 23.07 minutes into the video, the audio goes out of synch by approximately 1-2 seconds, which either a)increases with more playtime; or b) remains constant to the end"

    By "random" do you mean that the problem will happen at a different point each time you examine it? Nothing should be "random".

    Seperately recorded audio track does the same thing? AT THE SAME INTERVAL?????

    Your issue is starting to sound as though the video does not match the audio, like there is an extra scene, or frame, depending on the amount of de-synch and the time intervals involved.

    Have recently been examining various tools for editing AC3, have discovered some interesting tidbits. Nothing seems to be able to cut frame-accurate, most seem to introduce a slight slow-down in ac3 audio, by slight I mean approx 0.20 seconds in 90 minutes.

    It is absolutely fascinating that the de-synch (for me) is almost always 0.10, 0.20, or 0.30 seconds, and this is directly related to length. Many tools double this value.

    Only solution I have found - Besweet to export to 6 waves. Mux front and rear LR channels, this needed for Vegas. Edit Waves, stretch as needed, re-encode to ac3. Voila, perfect edit and synch.

    I should add these are seperately captured AC3 and MPG, the MPG contains a synched audio track which I can use to match with the AC3. That's how I get accurate numbers.
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    Error 75: Unable to get VOBinput.dll interfaces appears when trying the conversion directly from the video source... to mp3

    anyway, i havenīt found any option to convert to a 6 wav-track, pardon me the ignorance at this time, but i looked to program 5 minutes ago... and really i am starting to get depressed with all this trouble...

    when i mean randomly, i meant just what u said, as long as the movie plays, it starts to go out of synch adding miliseconds everytime, eventually it comes up to seconds, therefore it increases with more playtime. and the video is the correspondent to the audio, thereīs no missing frames, they have the same time duration, i checked that.

    really man iīm lost, with all these conversions in audio and rips of the movie, iīm a thin hair far from exploding all of this
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  4. What is the frame rate? Is it a a 23.976 source?

    If so, then, depending on how long the file is, it WILL go outta sync.

    You might wanna try my guide, that resolves the 23.976 issue inside premiere:
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    AC3 usually goes out of sync because the video is set wrong, or the AC3 is non-compliant (Panasonic DVD recorders are guilty of this in the past).
    Want my help? Ask here! (not via PM!)
    FAQs: Best Blank Discs • Best TBCs • Best VCRs for capture • Restore VHS
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    Guiboche funny your example has transformers in it, thatīs the movie iīm trying to edit the audio LOL anyway iīve already seen that help guide a couple a weeks ago but never really payed attention to it, guess iīm gonna do it now... can you please just tell me how to get that transformers .vob single file from the .vob files i have from the original dvd ?

    thank you
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