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    i have 2 lan users and 4 wireless users on my network
    i use router and hdcp
    i would like to limit data transfer of each user,check speed of each user and actually control EACH USER SEPARATELY what is going on on my network
    does exist any good small utility (best is free) but can be paid to achieve this.
    thanks for help in advance
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    These will only work if you route all traffic through a single PC running the software - similar to a corporate firewall setup. If all your devices connect to the router independently, either through direct ethernet or wireless connection, then all of these bandwidth managers are useless because they will be bypassed. You would have to install the software on every PC connecting to your network, and manage each PC separately to make sure the users weren't turning it off or altering it.
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  3. This is best done at the router, as this is the one place where such control and monitoring is truly possible at the source.

    I know all or most of these features are available in reasonably-priced routers, but you'd have to research current model numbers.

    You could do this with software and a server PC, but this would depend somewhat on available hardware. Best to do it on the router.
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    Yeap, the router is the best place to do this.

    Implementing this in consumer grade routers is simple given that you are using the right tool. I have used DD-WRT with buffalo and Linksys routers with great results.
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    Lowering down wifi settings to "B only" on the router will slow down wireless users.
    To limit speeds of wired users you'd need to connect them through a linux router/server machine before your router, which is not that hard to do. There are few great linux distros that you could set on some old PC and it'd run great without any input once set (I mean no monitors/keyboards/mice/etc because you'll change configuration when needed remotely from your WIndoze machine on your network). Piece of cake if you know anything about PCs, but if youre "Windoze-only" person, you may want to ask some kid or geek to set it up for you.
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