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    I have completely ditched Nero Burning Rom and am now using Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. It does everything I have used nero to do. it costs $40USD and is a 22MB download. i think Nero8 is now over 1GB. My computer has never been happier. Anyone else make this switch?
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I switched to CDBUrnerXp and Imgburn years ago. .
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    Originally Posted by Baldrick
    I switched to CDBUrnerXp and Imgburn years ago. .
    ...both of which are free.
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  4. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    ImgBurn for me
    Still use RecordNow Max
    Keep Nero 6 for data only and audio CD.
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    Imgburn is my only burning software. I don't do audio CDs.
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    Nero would be good but the add to much garbage and instead of improving it, it just get bigger like my Ex. oophs did i say my ex-wife.

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    Originally Posted by marvingj
    Nero would be good but they add to much garbage and instead of improving it, it just gets bigger
    so which Nero does everyone think is/was good, before it supposedly crapped out ?

    For example I have a Nero 6 OEM that came with one of my older drives and I like its simplicity way over all the more recent versions I've seen since. It does everything I want to do simply and without having to rumage through all the gumf of the other versions.
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    If I recall rightly, I believe some have said that Nero was the gold standard that others would be judged by. I myself like to use Nero Recode, so I'm not sure if that version would work for me.
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