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    Is there a way to just clip a video to a certain length with ffmpegX (or command line directions, I guess)?

    I have an mpeg2 that I just want to clip off the last few minutes or so. I see the 'split' and 'join' options, but to get reasonably approaching the length I want may require a variety of strategic operations. Is there just a way to clip a video to a certain length? If not, is there some other open source/freeware utility that will do this?

    - Fred
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    The ffmpegX Split tool is time based.
    The MPEG Streamclip Save Selection tool is visual, if you have the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component.
    I am not aware of an MPEG cutter that cuts on specified file size, if that's what you're looking for.
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    I am not at all certain about this, but ISTR that MoreMissingMPEGTools can split either at specified time boundaries or at certain filesize boundaries. In any case, it's free:

    So, if it doesn't do what you want, at least you haven't wasted any money. And it's a good thing to have in any case (as are the other tools in his suite).
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