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    My near new R230 simply complains of paper jams every time I put paper in it. It's like the paper is too thin for it. I've had a good look and I can't see anything wrong with it. Any suggestions as to what to look for?
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    Epson R220 and R230 Paper Jam

    This problems could happen because pick up roll rubber was slip or thin.
    Try to clean with dura klin :
    1. Drop dura klin in pick up roll to clean particle/ residue ink.
    2. Drop dura klin in blank paper, and print out several times
    3. Seal pick up roll with cellophane tape so that rubber becomes thicker.
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    If the printer is fairly new, shouldn't need drive roller cleaning, but you can check for slick spots on the rubber rollers that usually indicate a need for cleaning. There are different weights (thicknesses) for paper. Usually 24 pound paper is thick enough for most any printer. You might also check for a paper thickness adjustment that some printers have.
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