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  1. What exactlt are multiple video title sets

    If i need to get two movies onto a single DVD with a link to each from an initial menu and further author-in chapter control individually for each movie - would this be a multivts type project?

    Which programs can do what i have asked above?
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    Multi VTS structures are mandatory if you have two different aspect ratios, more than one resolution (e.g. full-D1 main and half-D1 extras) or if you have different audio formats and cannot match tracks. While it is not enforced that you use multiple titlesets, you will not get predictable playback if you don't.

    If your two movies are the same aspect ratio and audio format the you can use a single VTS to simplify the project.

    DLP, DVD Architect, DVD Workshop Pro, GUIforDVDAuthor all handle multiple VTS projects.

    On larger projects, multiple titlesets are often used to simplify the management of all the parts.
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