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    where can i find a site that offers covers and labels for adult dvd's?i found a site for all other movies but they dont have any covers or labels for adult movies,can someone help me?
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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    Not likely. Linking to a porn site, even one with just covers would be a violation of our rules. Please ask and look elsewhere.

    Moderator redwudz
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    I've never seen any myself (adult covers that is...), though I've found links a few times while searching for regular covers, it wasn't worth the time to register just to look around. Try a google search, that's how I found the regular sites that I frequent.
    Google is your Friend
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    Well then how much trouble am i in now

    And that cover site has been linked to here many many many times 8)

    They do have an adult covers section, and i have come across a couple that were strictly adult covers but i don't know if i even have them bookmarked anywhere as i never really needed them, just found them while searching for other cover sites.
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    Can't say I've had any problems finding adult covers. The websites which sell the DVDs often have high resolution illustrations of the covers to help sell them. Just click on the thumbnail.

    Labels are another matter altogether. Do adult DVDs even have individual labels? The few I've seen had plain colour or generic labels. I recently made a picture label for a friend by visiting the website of the production company and rearranging elements of the poster they used to publicise it in Photoshop. This included the company logo.
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