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    Hey guys, bascially what i'm trying to do is burn a bunch of music videos that i have on my computer onto a dvd-r.

    All the files that i have right now are currently .mpg

    Whats the best program to use to burn these music videos onto a dvd-r to play in my dvd player which is in my car?

    I have nero 7 but i have absolutely no idea how to use it for this purpose... Any help will be much appreciated.

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    First off, are they DVD compliant at present? You can see the DVD specifications and format to the upper left on this page in 'WHAT IS' DVD. If they are compliant, then all you need to do is author them to the DVD format. You can check them with a program like Gspot 2.70 and it should tell you quite a bit about the videos.

    For freeware authoring, there is DVD authorgui. Payware and easy is TMPGEnc DVD author. There is a fully working trial version of it you can try out. Authoring only takes a few minutes. If you have to re-encode all of them to DVD format, that could take quite a while longer.

    Nero 'might' be able to do all this, depending on what version you have, but it doesn't generally produce very good quality, IMO.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    NeroVision 4 (part of Nero7) should do it. Seeing as it's playing on a small screen in your car the quality will be fine.

    You might also try this free app.
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