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  1. Alright guys. I can't seem to find a working method on how to hook this up. I have searched the internet and all over this forum and website to no avail. Here is my equipment:

    1.) Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable Box
    2.) Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD Recorder
    3.) RCA Television with 2 different Audio/Video Connections (one in the front and one in the back, however the one in the back is connected to my surround sound/5 disc dvd player)

    Previously, I had ran that equipment in addition to my VCR and the set up worked fine for a year or so. My VCR just died, so now I am finding myself without a solution. When I had my VCR, I had hooked everything up via a diagram on this website:

    Right now I just have the cable box hooked up to the tv. My cable box has the following:

    a. S-Video Out
    b. Audio/Video Out
    c. Cable Out
    d. Cable In - I have a splitter box on this that has the following: To TV, From VCR, Cable Input

    Here is a picture from the back of my cable box if it is any help:

    Shot with DMC-FZ5 at 2007-07-30

    Thanks for the help.
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    Go to a Radio Shack or similar store and get an AV switching box. That way you can connect multiple devices to the switching box and have them all connect to the single input on the back of the TV.
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  3. I have two inputs on the tv...
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    With only one available input on tv available ...

    1: A/v output from "Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable Box" , connected to A/V input on "Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD Recorder"

    2: A/v output from "Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD Recorder" , connected to last A/V input on tv .

    3: Turn both tv and dvd recorder on , set tv's A/V channel to see dvd recorder on screen .

    4: Turn on cable box , and on dvd recorder , change source ... you should see cable on tv .

    Apparently you should not have any issue connecting it up this way from other reports ... the only thing to remember is that you still need to use the remote for the cable box to change channels .
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  5. Thanks that worked!
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    Thats good .

    I'm still working on my ... xbox360 > dvdrx250 unit setup .

    Atleast one of us dosent have a headache .
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