I'm having trouble with the latest version of GUI for DVDauthor (actually the previous version did the same thing). Every time I try to burn a DVD after setting up the menus and importing video files, it starts up and immediately crashes my computer and automatically reboots. In addition, when I use Video Redo to strip commercials and prepare MPEGs for use in GFD, it also crashes my machine. I use GFD in a very simple manner, just import videos, set up the menus, and burn using Nero. I have successfully burned over 50 DVDs in this manner.

I get no errors in the windows event viewer. Where are the logs stored for GFD, and would there be any useful information contained in them?

I have been using GFD for about a year now, and Video Redo for several years, and only recently have I started having these crash issues.

Any ideas what the problem is?

Thanks in advance.