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    I refer to the process in an editor where filters are applied and cuts and other editing are done as "rendering". When the material is then output to other formats such as DVD, I refer to that as encoding. I know there is some crossover in the use of these terms. Is my definition correct in common usage?
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    I'd say rendering in NLE means applying changes to video, that were made at working on project. The data for changes is stored in small project file and rendering creates new video file (in encoded form) using this data. So encoding in NLE is just final stage of rendering a project.
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    The term "rendering" is used in college computer graphics classes for converting wireframe 2D or 3D models to full resolution frames with textures applied. The term "encoding" comes from hardware and software image processing/telco disciplines. Both types of people end up in digital video projects.

    I suppose "rendering" most strictly means enhancing a frame in some way where "encoding" means converting the format of a data stream. Most of the software engineers writing NLE software come from a computer graphics discipline (e.g. reading Foley & Van Dam and respecting advancements from Ivan Sutherland, Ed Catmull, Jim Blinn, Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith, et. al.). These people use the term "rendering" for all major image computation.
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    Rendering is the term used for the creation of new material. NLE work, 3D graphics, etc., are rendered.

    Simply changing the format happens during the encoding process. Video is encoded.

    Many folks get confused when an NLE renders, then directly feeds to encoding in a single process. But it's two activities in a row, not a single activity.
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  5. Agree with the above. I use rendering to mean when the contents of a frame are being changed in some way and encoding is taking the rendered material plus unrendered (i.e., the frame hasn't changed) and creating a particular format of file, or streaming it somewhere.
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    You render an effect, you encode a stream
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