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  1. I have looked around but have not found a way to do this on my mac.

    I have a short MPG file created with a Sony Cybershot. The camera was held sidways and i need to rotate the video 90 degrees.
    Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.
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  2. Hi,

    You can rotate the movie with SimpleMovieX and save it without quality loss in QuickTime mov format.

    Regards, BJ
    (Note that I'm the developer of this little app)
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    I believe you'll find that rotating the movie will result in
    lack of sound. Look at Window/MovieProperties in QuickTime.
    I expect you'll see MPEG1 MUXed.

    You need to convert to deMUXed (separate audio and video)
    streams. The $23 VisualHub does that easily. Get it from this
    link Then QuickTime Pro can rotate
    the clip.

    And AeroQ is right. SimpleMovieX ($30) does the rotate
    quite nicely (keeping sound) in one step. I just tried it
    on a clip from Leslye's Sony camera.
    Al Bloom
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    I just want to say thank you to AeroQ.
    I came here tonight with this same question and
    found this thread. Downloaded SimpleMovieX
    and was able to very quickly rotate some video
    that I shot at a wedding last week.
    Thank you also for a fully operational
    don't find many these days.
    I will be purchasing this app soon
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  5. I realize I'm coming to this thread VERY late, lol, but I had the "iPhone video clip that was recorded sideways" problem and googled my way here.

    I tried pretty much all the available solutions that didn't require me to purchase the program in advance and SimpleMovieX is the only one that rotated the .mov clip without degrading image quality.

    One thing I don't understand is why every program blew up a 10kb iPhone video it into a 40Mb file just to rotate it. Weird and annoying.
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    Most programs reconverts the video and using a higher bitrate(bitrate * running time = file size).

    Quicktime pro can also rotate movs without reconverting.
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  7. Thanks for the info. I got QT7 Pro and rotated the image, but it still resulted in turning a 10KB file into a 40MB file. Any way to avoid that?
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  8. I caught my mistake! When doing Save As, I needed to select "reference movie" rather than "self-contained movie." I'm happy!
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    Originally Posted by Site7000 View Post
    I caught my mistake! When doing Save As, I needed to select "reference movie" rather than "self-contained movie." I'm happy!
    If you're doing this properly there is no difference in file size in a self-contained movie after rotation. Sounds like you're unnecessarily reconverting.

    You also can't upload a reference movie -- it requires the data from the original.
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