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    Okay I need to get all the footage off my camera before we leave for Costa Rica tonight, and I cannot open these .mts files with any program I have, let alone convert them to mpeg. I have TMPGENC Xpress 4.0, which was reccomended, and it doesn't recognize them.

    Could someone please post a very simplified guide of how to convert one of these mts files to mpeg (high quality). I'm a really big newb at this.

    I have all the .mts files on my desktop right now. (there weren't any .mt2s files though, i hope that's okay?)

    I really don't want to sacrifice any quality either.
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    Okay I dont have any mt2s files, i just have mts. Is that the same?
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    I would try Videoredo.
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    If you have them , you could try and edit the file this relates to .

    When you unpack the vdub package , go into the template folder .
    You will find a file called "m2ts.avst"

    Create a folder called backup here

    Copy this file to the backup folder

    Go into backup folder

    Rename file to


    Now open this file in notepad

    Where you see


    Change it to


    Just save file

    Copy this file from backup folder to template folder

    Run virtualmod , and follow the guide

    Mts will show in that list ... it might work .


    I would add that the desktop is not the place to be storing such large files ... windows dose have its quirks .
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    As discussed at on 10/06/2006

    Considering you current pc specs , I would recommend looking at ulead videostudio 11 ... far more options than TmpgencXpress v4 , and costs around the same .

    Some stores may even offer a rebate , which makes it even cheaper ... like amazon , but they only ship within the us .

    You will the this zip : (second post) , in order to directly import mts .

    Check where ulead videostudio 11 stores such files ... this zip will not unpack them to a default directory where they are required .


    A quote from (might not always be up)

    Seems to have same issue with TmpgencXpress v4

    A workflow giving good smooth, continuous video, with editing possible along the way, can be achieved using a combination of Elecard Converter Studio Pro (demo available at, Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 (30 day trial available for download), and Videolan's VLC Player (open software license -


    1) Convert the H.264 files using convertor studio. Set up a template to output HD mpeg video at 1440x1080, 25000 kbits, 384 kbits stereo mp2 audio. You can batch an entire folder containing m2ts clips. The catch is that you must acknowledge a demo ware pop-up after each clip is converted, but fair enough...

    2) Using ulead media studio pro, load the converted clips into the timeline using the HD mpeg template. Media Studio may come back telling you that the clips are not editable. Just go with the option of letting the program convert them. This gives ?????.mpg.mpg files which are editable. The individual clips can then be edited and or deleted. The last step is to create a video (under the "file.." tab.) and output a HD mpeg file. Under options the default is upper field first. This must be changed to lower field first, opposite from the default, because VLC will interpret the field order incorrectly (a bug?), and the video will flicker badly during pans and zooms.

    3) Play the merged HD mpeg file using VLC and de-iterlace using the linear option. The VLC player will play silky smooth very high quality video.


    Unfortuantely ... elecard store is down at the moment , so untested .
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    Hi All,

    At the moment I'm using the Elecard AVC HD to DV Transcoder (trial version), for converting my .MTS files to .avi (Camera Panasonic SD1). This works; I'm not saying very well, because there are a few limitations.
    - You cannot import more than one clip at the time
    - If the clip is in 16:9 it wil convert to 4:3

    For the rest it, is a very quick and simple to use trancoder.
    Best regards,

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  8. The whole .mts thing is getting old. You can only open those files on Vaios if you downloaded the video editing software that came in your camera box. But that program is cumbersome to use. At least that has been my experience.

    I downloaded iSkysoft to rip some DVDs I own to iTunes. This software comes with a DVD to Mac option and an iPod Movie converter. If memory serves you have to download the DVD to Mac to get the iPod movie converter bc they're sold as a package. iPod movie converter is when you want to take iPod movies and put them back on DVDs. It can also be used to convert different movie files into readable formats.

    The iPod movie converter is what I used to convert the .mts files to a recognizable format. You can also edit your snippets before you convert the movies preventing you from converting extra video material you would never use anyways.

    Here is the link:

    I have seen other software suggestions when it comes to converting these files. iSkysoft is really the easiest to download, use, etc. You can import & edit dozens of clips at a time. Workflow gets a bit slow when dealing with a lot of clips but thats more on your computers end than the software.

    *remember to buy the correct software for your operating system
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