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  1. I have not been able to figure this one out. I figured out how to make the stick bootable, but I don't know how you can burn an ISO image to the stick with programs like Nero etc. I am never able to select the stick as a drive to burn the image to. Any ideas? This would be useful to either burn an image of a movie or burn an image of an operating system etc.
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    (Edit: This assumes that you've already done the necessary steps to make the USB drive bootable.)

    Extract the files (and directory structures, if necessary), from the ISO image, and then copy them to the USB drive. You can do the first part using a program that'll allow you to manipulate images, such as ISOBuster, CDMage, etc. Also, some archiving shells like WinZIP, WinRAR, IZArc and others will allow you to extract files from several formats of disc images (including ISO) as though they were a normal archive file.

    Or, use a 'virtual drive' program like Daemon-Tools to mount the ISO as a virtual CD/DVD, and copy the files from the disc that way.
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    If you are referring to booting a linux iso. Then you simply copy as stated above not burn the iso image to the usb drive, the run syslinux and when prompted, select yes to make the usb drive bootable. Thats it. If not a linux iso then what specifically are you trying to do?

    More info here.
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  4. I am trying to take a super win pe bootable dvd and transfer it to a memory stick, so that i can boot to that instead.
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    You can't burn an image to a mem stick, but you can take the content of the image and copy it to the stick. If you then can make it boot, and start what you want from the stick ...

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