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  1. Im in the market for reliable blank DVDR media to store my more important data files onto using a Benq DW-1655 16x DVDRW drive. I'm hoping to use quality media that will last for a least couple years without the dreaded CRC error or infinite drive spinups, unlike my standard bulk purchases. I'm at a point where i completely dont trust DVD-Rs for important storage just because I've never had one that lasted for longer than 3 months. Basically the HDD is my only source of long term backup. I've read of quality media that can last several years without a flaw and so I'm going out on a limb and taking the advice of this site.

    I've read the information regarding quality media and am considering the Verbatim DVD-R 16x DataLifePlus located at: =

    The specs:
    - Verbatim DVD-R 16x
    - Media ID: MCC 03RG20
    - Azo recording dye
    * 50pc = $25CAN

    I was considering Taio Yiden but according to digitalFAQ Verbatim's MCC media code ranked higher than TY so here we are.

    I just wanted to get your final thoughts/advice/warnings on my choice just before purchasing, you know, just in case Verbatim is now considered the Princo of the industry.

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  2. Originally Posted by quantass

    I'm at a point where i completely dont trust DVD-Rs for important storage just because I've never had one that lasted for longer than 3 months. .
    Thats very hard to believe.
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    Possibly it is the dvd burner or burning software that is the problem rather than DVDs them selfs. I had a problem with nero with crc errors, switched to NTI and haven't had any problems using a good grade of DVDs. By the way I am using a NEC burner (before Sony bought them out).
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    If you are having your Verbatim disks die within 90 days, I have a strong inclination to say the failure is inside your computer chassis. And it probably is not the burning software.

    The critical software responsible for burning is the driver, and almost all XP users are using the standard Microsoft driver independant of brand. Burning data disks is far more simpleminded that burning video disks. The liklihood of a software error is just too small.

    Needless to say a crappy or failing drive could cause your problems. Too slow a system for the speed of your burn could also, as could running too many other programs while burning. The problem could even be using a 40 wire rather than 80 wire or a weak power supply.

    Since we know nothing of your system other than the burner its hard to hazard a guess.
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    I doubt the VERBATIM DVD-R media is your problem for failure. BENQ 1655 drives prefer DVD+R media which is a known fact. I'd suggest you check your 1655 drive by doing a transfer rate test using CD/DVD SPEED. The transfer rate would be show whether or not you are achieving the correct speed. Also known is 1655 drives like being on a separate power connector and drive should be set to MASTER. What firmware are you using? Firmware is important since BENQ had many frequent firmware updates until they were sold to LITEON. And use a 80 wire ide as already mentioned. If for some reason you need DVD-R because you have a older dvd player that can't playback DVD+R media, the 1655 can booktype to dvdrom for DVD+R media which would then work on your older dvd player.
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    If you're not going to print thermally on silver-top media, I advise against them. They are not meant for end-users. Buy something with a branded top. It's one less direction for light to enter the platter (light is a leading reason for data loss, second only to moisture).

    Storage, drives used to read/play/burn, and other factors are more likely than all discs dying in mere months.
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    Yes Verbatim is a good storage devices and still they don't have lose its market value. I am also using some data tapes of Verbatim
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    jerry.p009, please don't dig up old topics to post in.

    Moderator redwudz
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