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    my magnavox dvd player mpd845 , witch has been working fine since i bought it 10 months ago, now says loading than no disc, on the sam dvds weve been playing, also tried others. tried cleaning lens, whats the best way? also someone told me about a way to up the laser power but couldnt find the screws to do so on my unit, is there any truth to this? any other suggestions would be awsome? thank u jim
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    There is some small possibility that cleaning your laser lens will help. There are cleaning kits sold for this purpose and I believe one of the options has a brush on a disc that you put in the player and play. If your laser is going bad, it will have to repaired/replaced. Typically the cost of such a repair job is over $100. You might see if your warranty is still in force. If not, you may just have to buy another player. Unfortunately, to keep costs down they just don't make DVD players with high quality components these days and I've heard of people having them go bad as early as 2 months after purchase.
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