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    This has been covered before but I think the piccys make this very clear and easy to follow. 8)

    Download and setup VirtualDubMod;
    Download LogoAway and extract it to the Plugins folder in VirtualDubMod.
    Start V Dub.
    Select/File/Load Video File

    Go to the Video Tab and in the dropdown select Filters.

    Click add then select LogoAway
    Select show preview and slide the bottom bar to a frame with a light background, on the left select solid fill.

    Now using the X,Y position and size controls move the black box to cover the bit you want rid of.

    Next on the left again select UGLARM and play about with the exponent power slider to mask the black box.

    Click OK & OK
    Click on the Video tab again and make certain Full Processing mode is selected, then under the same tab select compression, select the format you want to save as, at this stage tou could select XViD MPEG4 for PSP, iPod etc if you wanted, otherwise I suggest you select the DiVX codec.
    Now you can slide the bar at the bottom to get a preview of the output.
    Finally go to the file menu and select save as, point it to the folder you want to save to and give it a name.
    How long this takes depends on your machine usually about 20minutes to 1 hour for me.
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    This guide has made things SO MUCH easier for the dimwits like me (yes I admit it lol) , much appreciate the time,effort and hard work put into clarifying this ...

    Many thanks you r an
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    This is another comprehensive guide for the logoaway filter as used in virtualdub.
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    hi please can someone help ive just managed to get this sorted but it is saying that it is going to take 22 hours and 40 minutes i would understand if i had a rubbish computer but its quite fast can you tell me if ive done something wrong and thanks for this guide its great
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  5. I have the same problem, 24hrs to run, and it is runing sllllloooow as 1.74fps, and estimated size of 8800mb .. yes 8.8GB ???? from a 700mb file, it has been running for 2 hours so far and upto 1.3gb so far in size, and still in the first 20mins of the movie... what are me and ^^^^^ doing wrong???
    [size=9]Zhare Your Info Article Publisher Support Team - My Favourite Media Player
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    The size is blowing out because you didn't set the video compression, so virtualdub chooses uncompressed by default. Stop it and start again - after choosing a codec and configuring it.

    Frankly it seems to be a lot of work to

    a) put a blurry patch on a video
    b) try to hide some illegal downloads (which you aren't really doing, because the blur is a dead giveaway)

    As for the time it is taking to run . . .

    @bozza43 : the celeron is a dog. You simply don't have enough grunt

    @incrediblej : you are using an underpowered laptop with not enough memory and a slow, small HDD. Coupled with the amount of data you are pushing through uncompressed . . .
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    this was brilliant and you just saved my masters thesis! thankyoiu!!
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    Which codecs is best to use so the input is the same as the output when you set the video compression?
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    HuffyUV or Lagarith. They're lossless and should be about the same quality as the input file. But I doubt you want the huge file size.

    It depends on what you want to do with the files. If for a DVD, you have to use MPEG. To retain close to the original quality after a re-encode, you would have to set the bitrate fairly high, again creating large files, but smaller than the lossless ones. Or you can go with Xvid/Divx and get smaller files, but with a fair amount of quality loss. How much depends on the original quality and the encoder settings you use.

    Or use H.264, smaller size than Xvid/Divx, but decent quality. The downside is they take a lot of computer power to encode and decode for playback and quite a bit of time if you don't have a fast system.

    All re-encodes will have some quality loss. You can offset that by creating larger filesizes, but there is no 'magic' way to keep the original quality and the original filesize.
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    I walked throught the whole step but I cannot find DiVX codec format to save as.
    The formats I am seing are:
    (uncompressed RGB)
    Cinepak Codec by Radius
    Indeo Video 5.10
    Intel IYUV codec
    Microsoft RLE
    Microsoft Video 1

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  11. Install Divx or Xvid. All the codecs you listed come with Windows and they are all outdated.
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    thanks for your reply
    Can you also tell me from where and to where I can install Divx Codec.
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  13. Follow your own link! Click on --> Divx Codec, Xvid Codec.
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    This has gotta be the best logo removing tutorial ever made. You guys don't know how easy this made my life. illogical, thank you so much man, this worked perfectly with regular VirtualMod. Keep up the good work.
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    This leaves a blurry mark. As a perfectionist i don't want this. Is there a way to remove a logo without leaving this mark?
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  16. Originally Posted by hawklord9 View Post
    Is there a way to remove a logo without leaving this mark?
    No. Except in special circumstances. Like a semi-transparent, or embossed logo. Or with a panning shot you can manually cut and paste from different frames to fill in what's behind the logo.
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    Lovely tut, lovely post, my thanks to you illogical
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