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    I got a new DVD RW drive and installed it. After first time I opened it, I was prompted I can change the region code 5 times, from region 1 to 6. The region 1 is by default. After I selected it, the region code setting message has not showed up again. Why did the DVD drive show the region code after the installation? I thought the region code is related with the DVD movie disc only. If the DVD drive can be selected the different region code, is it possible to disable it so the drive can play and record any region code DVD disc? Can someone explain it?
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    There are several ways of getting around the problem. A firmware update for the drive might get you region free but such firmware is usually never from the is third party firmware.
    There is also the software route....stuff like AnyDVD can help too.

    I use neither. I have two set to region set to region 2(which usually always includes 4)...that's all I need.
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    As has been pointed out, there are firmware updates that will probably remove the region restriction and any riplocks on your drive, however using these will void your warranty if they are not from the manufacturer (and they won't be).

    AnyDVD is pretty good, but costs. DVD43 is also pretty good, and free. Might be worth a try in the short term.
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    A lot of models have "hacked" firmware available, that is, firmware that has had regions codes removed by a third party. This will not be supported by the manufacturer, so if something goes wrong, you will be on your own...
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    The software option is, for the reasons already stated above, my preferred option. I use Region Free DVD from - there's a full and lite version.
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