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    Just joined the forum. It looks like there is alot of good info here. I have two problems when playing back a DVD I authored on certain DVD players. I think the problems are with the players because the DVDs play fine on other manufacturers.

    In both instances I am creating a WMV file in Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 and then using Nero 7 Ultra Smart Start to burn the DVD.

    Problem 1
    On a Daewoo dual DVD/VCR player the movie starts and plays well for about 5-10 seconds and then begins to skip. Like the fast forward button is pushed for a while and then plays fine again for a while. The movies have been burnt to DVD-R discs. The audio and video are there but don't play like they are supposed to.

    This is a little more weird than the other problem. Here the playback problem is on a Samsung dual DVD/VCR player. Seems these dual players are a little shaky. I have captured video from a VCR tape using the Ulead Video Studio Software. All of the video is silent, home movies from the 20's to the 50's, except the last tape which was recorded in the 90's on a camcorder and has the background talking and noises when they were recorded. Using Movie Maker 2 I have added MP3 music to the silent parts of the tapes and left the last tape with inly the sound from the original tape. I also used Nero 7 Ultra to burn the DVD onto a DVD-R disc. When playing the DVD in the Samsung dual player everything is fine until it gets to the chapter of the newer video. During the older silent portions the video and audio I played are fine. When I get to the newer tape with the audio track from the original recording the video is fine but there is no audio. Again, this plays fine on other DVD players.

    Just to confuse matters, I took the newer last tape and pulled the sound of using Winamp and saved it as a WAV file. Then, using Audacity I resaved the audio as an MP3 file and reattached it to the video in Movie Maker and made the movie and burnt it using the same Nero program. Again, the video plays fine, but no audio.

    I also made a DVD from more current VCR tapes made with a camcorder where there is an audio track on the recording. I then added background MP3 music to the movie using Movie Maker 2 and burnt the DVD using the same Nero package. When this DVD is played on the Samsung dual player the video and added background music play fine, but the original soundtrack doesn;t play at all.

    I think both problems are DVD player related, but I'm not sure. Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.


    Greg Bilik
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    Have you tried diffferent dvd media?

    And I would recommend that you save as dv-avi in Windows Movie Maker instead of wmv. Because you will lose a lot video quality when going to a very compressed format like wmv and then to DVD.
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    Hi Baldrick,

    I haven't tried different media because I thought that DVD-R was the first format designed. Therefore, having the largest playback ability.

    I am going to the friend's house tomorrow that has the Samsung player. I will make a new DVD saving first as an AVI in Movie Maker. I'll also use the audio file saved as an MP3.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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