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    Accidentally I formatted all my drives (D,E & F) while formatting drive C and lost all my data including videos. I have successfully recovered all of my video files (avi.wmv,mp3,divix,3gp etc.) but unfortunately not a single video file is playing. I tried many repairing programs but all failed to repair. I shall remain thankful to you if you could please help me to repair my files. I also tried to convert files using xilsoft but still failed. Hope you guys help me.
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    Sounds like whatever program you used to recover the files, did not actually recover the files. The files are most likely just garbage and cannot be repaired.

    I've had this happen in the past. The software appeared to recover all of my files (text files, mp3, video), they even appeared to be the correct sizes, but all of the files were garbage. I believe this is because the files were recreated from the FAT which wasn't corrupted. However, all of the data on the disc was corrputed. When the program recreated all of the files, it just pulled the data from the sectors listed in the FAT and applied the file names.
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