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  1. TMPGenc dvd author is telling me the bitrate is to high and it is out of standard.I have tried transcoding with rejig but it didn't help at all(maybe I am not using it right?).
    My video bitrate is 9800 nad my audio is ac3 @192
    When I have played this dvd on my players it worked perfectly but on my friends machine it wont load at all.
    I was unsure wether to post this here or in the authoring place but I think that since I have to convert I should post here.
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  2. I just checked and rejig is making the files smaller but they are still being reported as 9800 for the video
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    If that is the bitrate you encoded at then you are pretty much at the top of the range. You have a little extra headroom for audio, but video is maxed out. Some players will not play DVDs encoded at the maximum from burned discs. They only have to be able to play at this rate from pressed discs to be compliant.

    TDA seems to have a built in buffer to protect users from using too a high a bitrate by refusing to author (or at least warning) at high bitrates, even though it is technically compliant.

    You could try using DVD Patcher to artificially lower the bitrate in the header and authoring again. This would get past the restrictions in TDA, but might not fix your friend's problem.

    Otherwise, go back to the source and encode again at a lower rate.
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    Just ignore the warning that DVDA gives you. It is a false warning and an error in their program. The maximum bitrate for DVD is 10080kb total. 9800k video max + audio. You are within this limit. Tell your friend to buy a new DVD player or take it back to the store for a refund. Any player given the DVD logo is supposed to be able to sustain a maximum CBR bitrate of 10080kb. This means you could use 9800k CBR Video + 256k audio = 10056k total.
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  5. Thanks but even after patching all the files it is still screaming at me.
    it is too late for my friend to take their player back.
    Anymore suggestions?
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    The video flag shows 9800, but if you use Bitrate Viewer, I bet you'd see it's much lower.

    I would not use Rejig. You're just ruining the video.

    Your friend's player sucks. I have some friends with bad players too. I basically tell them "tough shit" when they are unable to play something (PAL, VCD, MP3, etc). They're just cheap asses. A new $30 player would fix the problems.

    All this converting PAL to NTSC, re-authoring discs, shrinking bitrates, etc ... it's stupid and totally unnecessary if you'd just use a good player.
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  7. Thanks all
    Yes bitrate viewer did say the bitrate was much lower,around 5500
    their player does suck but they will not get a new one.
    I hope that this disc plays in their machine even though it is not pristine quality.
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