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  1. Hello,

    Does anybody know whether the DVD players with Divx compatibility play .dat files on a cd or a dvd?

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    this is no dvd to dvdr. moving you.

    do you mean vcd .dat files?
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    .dat files are used in vcd's .... if the disc is a vcd (video cd) then most dvd players should play it ... however you cannot just burn the .dat file to a cd-r/dvd-r and play it

    if what you have is not a vcd (ie you only have the .dat file on your pc's hard drive) then use vcd gear to extract the the mpg stream from the .dat file and then either burn it as a vcd (with nero or similar burning software) or convert it to either dvd compliant mpeg2 video and author to dvd or convert it to divx/xvid and play it on a divx enabled dvd player
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    Neo76 - Your question isn't very clear, but I think I can answer whatever you meant.

    If you meant - Do standalone DVD players that support Divx also play VCD? - then the answer is "yes".

    If you meant - Can I burn at .dat file to a data CD-R or DVD-R without buring in VCD format and have a standalone DVD player that supports Divx play this file? - then the answer is "probably". DVD players that support Divx have the ability to play what we call "raw files", which means you can burn just a video file to the disc in data mode and it will play it. Most Divx players will probably recognize .dat as MPEG-1 VCD and play it, but you'd have to test it to be sure. If the file name ends in .MPG, even if it is just a renamed .DAT file, it will probably play. Or you can do what psx_pirate says and extract the MPG from the DAT file and that will certainly play.

    You can't burn VCD format to DVD-R discs and have that recognized on any player. You can, however, burn raw MPEG-1 video files that could be used in VCDs to DVD-R discs in data mode and have them played by a Divx player.
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  5. jman98, thanks for the reply. You read my mind. I have DVD-R discs with dat files in them, the dvd is burned in data format i.e. its a data disc. So what i wanted to know was whether low end Divx dvd players such as Pioneer DV 393 for example plays them or not. One of my friends tried a similar disc on a Pioneer DV 686 model and it played the dat file.

    Or does anybody know whether all the Pioneer Divx dvd players do play .dat files or not?

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    It doesn't matter either way, if it doesn't then just extract the mpg from the dat and then it will.
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  7. My old Liteon LVD-2002 will play ISO data DVDs full of DAT (from VCD) and VOB files. I also have an old Yamakawa DVD-218 that, though not a Divx player, will play DAT and VOB (and MPG) files on ISO DVDs.
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    That is a very interesting topic and psx_pirate and jman98
    gave great answers.
    Let me rephrase the problem:
    1. I have a few vcds. Each VCD has MPEGAV folder with .dat files inside.
    2. I have a standalong dvd player with divx capabitlity hooked to my tv.
    3. I have a few dvd+rs dics.
    Since a dvd disc is 4.7 GB, I can theoretically write a few vcds into 1dvd disc - saves space huh?
    Tried: Burnt dat files into the dvd+R disc. Result: DVD player cannot play the dat file.
    Not yet tried: rename .dat file into .mpg file and copy into dvd disc. Result: Not tried yet...seems the easiest way out.
    Tried: Burnt .avi file as data disc into dvd+r. Result: DVD player can play.
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  9. Be sure you're not burning the RW disc with a packet writer format. It should be burned just like a DVD-R or DVD+R.

    And yes, try renaming your .DAT files as .MPG. You can also try remuxing them into a true MPG container. I believe VCDGear can do this. TMPEGenc Plus's Simple Multiplex tool can do it too.
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    Laval_ng -- I just answered your other post on the same issue:

    You don't need to cross post.
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