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  1. I'm new to this...but I used DVD decrypter, put the VTS files on my external HD and now I'd like to burn them to a dvd. Any ideas? The folder of my movie says it's over 5gb so I know that won't fit on a dvd. I've heard programs thrown around called dvdshrink or winavi converter? Will those help me? I've been trying to read about them but they don't seem like they would work in my situation becuase everyone is trying to convert avi files? But I already have the good quality vts files and I've played them in Windows Media Player and they sound/look great!! And just want to burn a dvd? What step am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    You can use DVD Shrink or DVD Rebuilder to make them fit a single layer disc. Stay away from WinAVI. It is of dubious quality, with little to no support, and from a company that spams us on a regular basis.
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  3. Welcome to the forum!
    IMO you have posted in the wromg section.
    As the dvd files you have are more than dvd-r you need to shrink them to fit. That is DVDShrink to use for. Set the output to .ISO image. Once dvdshrink shrinks the files in an iso disc image file, you burn the iso to disc with dvddecrypter ISO write mode.
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    Hi. I got a movie from the net, which is not avi, mpeg or divx file. Is a folder of VTS files

    I tried to do the DVD from this folder, using DVD santa, but the DVD that was created is not correct. The DVD player start to play 3-4 second after that no more picture. The movie has to be about 90 minutes. But does not go more than 3-4 seconds. I saw that, in the final step of burning the move intp DVD, using DVd santa, the capacity of burning was 21% of disc instead of being about 70 or 80%( for a movie of 90 minutes)

    Help please...
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    You raised a 3 year old post from the dead for that question ?


    DVD Santa is a PoS. If you have a proper DVD structure - and most downloaded from the net are corrupt in some way or another - then burn it with Imgburn. If it is too big, use DVD Shrink or DVD Rebuilder.

    If you use DVD Santa, WinAVI, Nero or anything with ImToo or Xilisoft in the name, expect misery.

    And in future, keep out of the graveyard.
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