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    Recently I reinstalled Windows XP which caused the Grub boot loader for my Suse Linux 10 to vanish. Is there a way to recover the Grub boot loader to enable Linux boot without having to reinstall Linux?
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    You can boot from floppy to Linux (you do have a boot floppy, don't you?) and run grub and it will re-install itself in the MBR, or you can boot a live Linux CD and get to your installation from there. If you do that, be certain that the version of grub you run is the one in your install, and not the one on the CD (I just discovered that problem on one of my dual boot systems after moving to a new disk drive).

    It should require something like:

    >root (hd0,0) Tell grub where the root of the grub install is
    >setup (hd0)

    If you have a boot partition that has the grub files in it, you need to specify that partition as the "root". The kernel command in grub.conf will tell the kernel where the root of the file system is.

    Once you boot Linux and mount the drives so you can look at grub.conf it should be clear.

    Steve Stepoway
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    Try this, a very excellent bootloader. I used it when I was still dual-booting. I think it might be able to recover your system
    some excerpts:

    1) Allows boot of up to 9 different operating systems.
    2) It can boot operating systems installed in primary and extended partitions on any available hard disk.
    3)Can be installed from nearly all operating systems.
    "The software said Win XP or better, so I Installed Linux"
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