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    Anybody managed to make it work and use more than 80GB of the upgraded drive?
    The end of the story is missing...
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    is possible to see any file in the HDD ?
    I have many tv shows recorded, and I can`t see any file.
    I have connected the Hdd to USB in Windows
    Thank you
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    Hi Guys
    I knw this thread is a few yrs old but i need ur help!

    I have a samsung dvd hr735- the 160gb version of the hr720
    The dvd player recently stopped workin
    However the hard drive was stil fine

    me being a clown decided 2 investigate the hard drive & opened it thru windows xp
    win xp asked me if i wanted2 intiatilse the drive as it cudnt read the format.
    i let windows do this
    after this wen i put the drive back into the dvd recorder it stoped workin!
    it just says loading & doesnt go further in the dvd recorder
    is ther anyway i can fix this?????

    plz guys i am in need here!!!
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    Hi, I have a bd mod. 8500 which had a 250 and the hdd and changed to 500 by a baku with a specific program, if you are interested todabia alludare tell me and I will gladly
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  5. Hola Julian,

    Tengo el DVD HR720 y necesito ayuda para cambiar el disco.

    Por favor, dime con qué programa específico hiciste el cambio y cómo sería.

    Muchas gracias.


    Hi Julian,
    I have the DVD HR720 and need help to change the disc.

    Please tell me how did specific program and how it would change.

    Thank you very much.
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