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  1. any advise on backing up my dvd karaoke
    it has midi karaoke data and video background
    i was able to copy the dvd w/dvd-decrypter, but the player won't play the lyrics like the original karaoke dvd, just the background video
    please help

    here's the link for the DVD that i bought in philippines:

    any way for me to circumvent thier protection
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    Open up the DVDs in ISOBuster and send us screenshots of the sectors/layout (both original and copy).

    It's possible (though not likely) that this special format requires the MIDI file(s) to reside at a particular sector address, not just a logical filesystem/folder placement and filename. In that case, it would be nearly impossible to copy without the original editing/authoring software (which I'm guessing is proprietary). I say NEARLY impossible, because it might still be possible to rip the disc image and do some major hex editing.
    There's also the possibility that this type of disc has proprietary encryptioning on the non-VIDEO_TS section.

    Will a standard settop and/or software DVD player play the ORIGINAL disc okay (barring the midi/lyrics)?

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  3. the copy dvd will play (background video) in the player except it won't let me choose the songs i want to play
    the original dvd have atleast 2000 songs and u just pressed the # in the controller and it will display the songs then enter
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  4. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    Yes, I understand that part. What I want to know is, does the ORIGINAL disc play...

    1. At ALL, on a regular settop player (not the karaoke player)?
    2. With only the background? With background + music? background + lyrics? All? (also on a regular player)

    If 1 is YES, and 2 is Background only, then at least that portion seems to follow the standard DVD-Video specs.

    Like I said, photo uploads would help us understand this better.

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  5. sorry for taking so long,
    i will provide the pics of the copy dvd a bit later, but i hope the pic of the original dvd help
    also the dvd will play on my dvd but no sound and like i said before, no lyrics
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  6. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    Okay! Thanks for the pix.
    Now we're getting somewhere...

    Looks like its a somewhat normal DVD-Video spec disc (and so should play the bkgd ok on any DVD player), with the exception being that the Karaoke "DAT" files are written BEFORE the VIDEO_TS files, which is unusual.

    Now, a normal DVD-Video burning app would almost always burn the VIDEO_TS files first, and then the other files/folders. So if you use one of those apps to burn you copy(likely), your Karaoke files WON'T be in the "expected" place and so can't be usable.

    You might be able to get around this in programs like Nero Burning ROM that allow you to set the "priority" of the files. This has the effect of putting files earlier (high priority) on the disc or later (low priority) on the disc.

    Other than that guess, I don't see anything non-standard about the disc. DVD's don't have SUBCODE like CD's do, so it couldn't be some hidden flag there.

    I am intrigued about why those files happen to be called "DTSMUS##.DAT". Gives one the impression that there might be some DTS audio compression incorporated!??

    Oh, yeah--check to see if the standard DVD IFO/VOB files are using DVD-TEXT for the Karaoke text (not likely, but you never know). Should have been subtitles/subpix, but if they had used that, it would show up correctly on EVERY dvd player.

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  7. thnks for the all the help Cornucopia, but if you can bare helping me a bit more > i'm so close

    can u please provide a little guide on how to burn/copy my karaoke dvd in the right priority
    i have both nero 6 and ultraISO
    if i choose nero, do i choose > "Burn DVD-Video Files"
    can i just set all the dat files in high priority (right click > properties > high
    cause if i right click on the video_ts folder, no properties option

    if i choose ultraISO
    what priority # do i set for
    audio_ts folder
    the 3 dat files
    video_ts folder
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  8. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    (Using Nero Burning Rom, not Express/Wizard):

    Create New DVD-Video Compilation.
    Put Ripped VIDEO_TS files in the new VIDEO_TS folder--do NOT drag older VIDEO_TS to reuse.
    (You can't change the priority of the VIDEO_TS folder!! Hope that's not a deal breaker)
    Add the Karaoke DAT files.
    Change their priority to HIGH.

    If that doesn't work, use instead a DVD-ROM UDF/ISO Compilation (w/Xbox compatibility and UDF v1.02) and create your own VIDEO_TS folder (possibly AFTER adding in the Karaoke DAT files with high priority), then add in the VIDEO_TS files.

    Note: Folders don't have a "priority", only files.

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  9. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    have you tried a straight disc copy? you don't mention it being encrypted. make an iso image on the h.d. and then burn it. ImgBurn would be a good choice for a free tool to use for the job.
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  10. [quote="Cornucopia"](Using Nero Burning Rom, not Express/Wizard):

    hey, cornucopia > i'm really gratefull for all ur help
    but i guess if i correctly copied the dvd per ur instruction, i can still only play it on the dvd that i bought in phil.
    since the original karaoke dvd won't play properly on my regular dvd

    it will be nice if i can edit the files in the original dvd to enable the copied dvd to play correctly on any dvd!!!
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  11. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    To do that, you'd have to convert the Karaoke text & music to subs (or video) and audio. Simplest way to do this would be to connect the output of your Phil. DVD player to a PC capture card. You could then capture-edit-encode-author-burn-play.

    Problem is, the big benefit that DVD/Midi Karaoke gives you (real long play times) would be lost! You'd have to split the songs up onto multiple discs. That's the price of "compatibility"

    Good luck,
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    You mentioned that the original disc you bought does not play correctly either. The problem is not 100% your burn, but also you do not have a karaoke player.

    Karaoke DVD's are an extension of the CD+G format and require a Karoake player to play back with all the features. What you are describing is exactly what whousl be happening on your DVD player - the DVD portion is working fine, the "+G" part is not.

    Some DVD players also double up as Karaoke machines, usually the cheap ones. Look for a microphone jack or two on the front.

    Also, since you are using Nero, use the Info tool to determine if your DVD-Burner even understands CD+G discs. If it does, find a program to play the original correctly on your PC and then try the copy you made.
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  13. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    To clarify (and slightly correct) what Wyntre just said:

    There are a number of different kinds of Karaoke discs (not counting computer files/types):

    0. CD+Midi (extremely rare!)
    1. CD+G
    2. VCD, with or without split L(musiconly)/R(music+vox) channels
    3. CDExtra, Enhanced Audio CDs (which use computer files on data portion and may or maynot use Audio track)
    4. DVD-Video, standard type, with lyrics as subs and normal audio tracks
    5. DVD-Video, official "Karaoke" type with lyrics as subs or text, and multichannel audio tracks formatted/flagged as karaoke streams
    6. Hybrid MIDI(KAR?)/DVD-Video discs, backgrounds as part of DVD-Video spec, lyrics/text + music added by realtime midi-decoder-and-overlay engine

    DVD/CD players can be bought that play:
    A. #4 only (usu. major brand basic)
    B. #4 and #2 (usu. major brand better or asian/cheap brand)<--No offense, just categorizing!
    C. #4, #2 and #1 (usu. asian/cheap brand better)
    D. #5, #4, #2 and maybe #1 (major or off brand "specialty" karaoke version)
    E. #6, #4, #2 and maybe #1 or #5 (proprietary special purpose brand)
    Note: There are NO existing players that can play #0 (the Midi portion) or #3 (They shouldn't play this type).

    Sounds like the OP has types E and A/B. The original disc in question is of type 6.

    Now, to correct Wyntre--There is no such thing as a DVD+G disc/player. DVD's have only Mode1 User data sectors (2048byte) and sub-code/sub-channels don't exist on DVD discs of any type (the R-W subcode is where the "G" is put on CD+G discs).


    edit: yeah, yeah, there's those other proprietary formats: SCDG, etc. but whose counting?!
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    Thank you for a more clealy defined explanation Cornucopia!
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  15. you guys are great, very very helpfull
    i guess the best i can do is back-up my karaoke dvd
    i remember playing it on another karaoke dvd player and it will just play the video and no sound and no karaoke function
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  16. okay, finally finished copying, testing and hoooooray successssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
    u guys r great, thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much for all the help
    here's how i did it
    i ripped the audio_ts and video_ts w/dvd decrypter
    i used ultraiso to open up the dvd and assigned priority 1 to dts00, priority 2 to dts10 and priority 3 to dts20
    nero seems to do the samething by assigning each dts to high priority, but after burning it to a iso the ultraiso looked more identical to the original dvd

    thanks again guys
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    Thanks for your guys' share.
    Let us learn more knowleage about karaoke
    i am still looking for that.
    now i got it
    i want to grow with the world
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    Hi all,
    I have used similar products made by MALATA (China) and by DAT (Indonesia).
    Does anyone know how to edit / create the DVDs?
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