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  1. Hi all,

    I downloaded a 6gb .ISO image via Bit torrent which i need to burn now onto a regular 4.7 Gb blank DVD. I extracted the .ISO image using Isobuster. But its not in regular AUSIO_TS and VIDEO_TS format but its authored in macromedia Flash. Now how do i go about burning this disk to make it fit in to a regular DVD? It has videos in .mov format and not in .VOB format.
    I was also thinking if its possible to burn this .ISO image directly into a DVD using NERO.Is it possible? pls do help me out.

    waiting for a solution eagerly!

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  2. Member waheed's Avatar
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    You can burn directly onto a dual layer DVDR, not a 4.7GB.

    Is it a single 6GB video file or several video files. If several, split to 2 discs by extracting the ISO.

    Your best bet would be to author the video to DVD, and shinking the video to fit onto 4.7GB DVDR. See the How To "author" section on the left.
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  3. thanx so much for such a quick reply buddy!

    See, the ISO image is one single 6gb image file, but after extracting with ISOBUSTER there are lots of videos(in MOV) and other authored files and flash files.
    Thanx. I will see the AUTHOR section and try to reauthor the DVD content and then try to compress it using DVD rebuilder or DVD shrink.

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    Can I pour 6 litres of water into a 4.7 litre bottle without spilling any ? No, of course not.

    In your case you need to either extract the contents using ISOBuster, or mount them using Daemontools, then convert the content to something you can work with - perhaps DVD format, perhaps avi first, then put it on a DVD. Look at the conversion guides on your left for mov to dvd or flash to avi for a starting point.
    Read my blog here.
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  5. hi,

    thanx man. Ok, now i have extracted the contents of this 6gb ISO image using ISOBUSTER and what i have got is not the regular VIDEO_TS folder but the DVD is authored in flash i guess i see FLASH icon which i guesss launches the application. The Videos however are in mov format.
    So is there any tool which can shrink/compress the whole extracted folder of 6 gb in to 4.4 Gb so that i can burn it into a regular blank DVD?

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    No, there's no such thing as a Video DVD authored in neither Flash nor .mov.
    If there is no Video_TS folder, it's a data DVD and can't be processed with Video DVD tools like DVDShrink or DVDRebuilder.

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    I'd suggest simply good ol'resizing to 4.7GB with programs. If that can't be done, burn to dual-layer, but if you don't have dual-layer on your Drive, Split to two discs instead.
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    You've got to 1st decide what is you want to end up with. DVD-Video, playable in settops,etc -OR- DVD-ROM, playable on PC's/Mac's (but not settops)?

    #1 (DVD-Video) Either use a Flash-to-AVI/QT/MPEG conversion app, or do a video screengrab. Then with the resultant AVI/QT files, encode to MPEG2 (keeping cumulative filesizes down to 4.37GB). Then with the resultant MPEG files, author and burn to DVD.


    #2 (DVD-ROM) Use QT to open the .MOV files and re-export as lower bitrate files. Rename the resultant .MOV files to match the originals and replace them. If you do it right, the flash will still be able to reference them correctly, but they'll be smaller, hopefully enough to burn to SL disc. Then use Nero, or other data burning app to burn the data files to disc.


    #2B Leave it as-is and buy a DL burner and DL discs and just burn the thing.

    Then, there's always #3 (throw away the ISO)

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