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  1. Does anyone know an answer for this?

    I have a video that is currently in .mov that is 320x240. It's in h.264 format.

    There is space at the top and bottom of the movie where I would like to crop the film--and make it letterbox in the process. I don't want "black bars"--I want to crop it so it's 320x180 or whatever it would end up being.

    how the hell can I do this? I need to be able to 'preview' the crop, too. I thought it would be easy...tried it on my Mac in iMovie...that didn't work (letterbox only adds black bars, doens't change resolution)...brought it into work on my PC...tmpgenc doesn't do the job either. At least, not from what I can tell....

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    What is your final output going to be? DVD? AVI?

    TMPGEnc does have a crop feature in it as does VirtualDub, and you can preview your crops in both. I've used both to remove the black bars from Battlestar Galactica after I capture it.
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  3. my final output will probably be h264 (or mpeg4 if need be). i basically just want to crop it, and, if possible, not do any unnecessary conversions on it.

    Where can I preview in tmpgenc? I'll check virtualdub, thanks...
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  4. argh! virtual dub won't read the .mov file. looks like i'll have to do a conversion first.

    why is it so difficult to do a straight crop on a video file, without needless conversions?
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    or crop with with avisynth, drop the avisynth script in SUPER or meGUI and convert to h264.
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  6. thanks i'll give it a shot...

    i got tmpgenc to do the crop, and it looks fine, but it won't actually do anything besides the first frame of video. the output file is just one frame of video for 6 minutes!
    Is that because it can't handle the h264?
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    You could try ffmpeg, I hear it can now output compliant AVC in mp4. Otherwise I would go with the AVISynth suggestion. You would need to have Haali's or Gabest's splitter installed along with ffdshow or CoreAVC to get directshowsource() working though.
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