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  1. I know someone here can help me.

    I purchased PowerDirector 5 yesterday and want to convert all of my home made videos to digital format. I am using a PowerColor Theater 550 PRO analog/tv tuner capture card.

    When I hook my analog camcorder to the card, start PowerDirector, and try to capture my home made movies I get the error "The Movie Is Copyright-Protected. Recording is prohibited"

    What the heck is this? These are homemade camcorder movie's - these are not commercial.

    Odd thing is I can start windows movie maker and it captures the video fine. I bought PowerDirector 5 because of the HD video editing capabilities as I will be purchasing an HD camcorder soon...

    Please help... What is this message and how can I get rid of it?

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  2. Wow...I would have though someone here would have had an answer for this problem by now.
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    Sounds like false Macrovision detection. Some home videos can cause that. Try a all forum search for 'false macrovision' and you may find some cures. It's fairly common.
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  4. Thanks. The thing is that even if I don't have the camera connected to the card I still get this error. It's very ODD - seams that if I select composite or s-video input from the analog card, regardless of what devise is connected, that I get the copyportected error.

    I am using windows media center 2005. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Odd thing is that windows movie maker has no problems capturing video from this card or my camcorder.
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  5. noone else has anything to add? This is driving me crazy and the CyberLink support sucks.... 2 days for a response and they tell me to make sure I don;t have a hardware recorder attached to the machine! this is nuts.

    Does anyone else have a Theater 550 Pro analog capture card with PowerDirector 5 and have it working?
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  6. First, this type of problem has been known and discussed here for several years. Those who do not do the most basic searching tend to get fewer answers.

    Second, the Theater 550 series of cards have a variety of fairly serious problems, which have been known and discussed here for several months at least. Those who do not do the most basic searching tend to get fewer answers.

    SFAIK, the macrovision software hack does NOT work on that card. Simple hardware devices may, or may not. A TBC almost certainly will.
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  7. I have seached, read, search, and read almost every post here and I cannt find anyone having this problem.

    So if you can do that "BASIC SEARCH" for me and point out my answer than please do so. Becasue I cannot find it in any post.

    Back to my problem...

    The thing is that even if I do not have any input source connected to the card I still get this error in PowerDirector. So I am not sure if buying an external device is going to do anything for me to defeat macrovision.

    The majority of posts that I have read here praise the Theater 550 pro chip for it's MPEG quality.

    I want to capture directly from the card in MPEG2 format - that's what the card does best. I don't want to AVI or any other format - the time to convert from AVI to MPEG2 isn;t worth it to me.
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  8. In addition to the above, I can capture from this card using Movie Maker but Movie Maker captures in WMV format.

    So tell me what I cam missing? if it were macrovision than wouldn't movie maker be unable to capture from the Theater 550 PRO card as well?
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  9. get iuVCR and capture video on HDD first. Then you could use PowerDirector to edit
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    Ok, i had the same problem but i figured it out and i hope it works out for you.

    You will follow all steps as usual up to the end where you have to press the record button.

    On the section Capture Video (DVD), below is a video format for capturing, there is Analog TV, DVD, VCR e.t.c
    Please select VCR, don't mind about this.

    Click record and the error will not come again.

    Enjoy your recording

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    Originally Posted by jincqaro View Post
    Ok, i had the same problem but i figured it out and i hope it works out for you.
    After 7 YEARS I think he figured it out.
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    Yep. Many have mistaken very old threads as new ones. I've done it several times .

    There oughtta be a quickie way to spot umpteen-year-old threads, but I don't know what it would be. Guess you just have to be careful. But anyway, I thought the solution was cool and made a note of it.
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