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    How it started:

    - Turned on DVD player
    - Screen says "Please Wait"
    - Instead of 'waiting' I pressed one of the buttons to open the DVD player so I can insert a DVD.
    - There is a little sliding compartment in where you put your DVD on, and when that hatch opened, the sliding part was still inside of the DVD player.
    - I thought that it was probably nothing and I just have to close it and open it up again.
    - When I closed it, it went to another DVD (there's 5 slots for DVDs but only 1 hatch that opens)
    - It was going to start reading that DVD, but all of the sudden, it sounded like something was stuck inside.
    - I tried opening the hatch again (where you put your DVDs in) and it would not open
    - The sound continued (the sound like it's trying to process the DVD but stuck at the same time)
    - No matter how many times I tried to open it, it wouldn't, and finally, it displayed the error message: C 31 00

    Current Symptoms:

    - Turn on the DVD player
    - Goes to the first disc slot (and it rotates inside to find the right slot)
    - Tries to load the DVD inside (as the "stuck" sound starts)
    - The sound (the "stuck" sound) comes back
    - It sounds like it's trying to process the DVD but nothing's happening, just the sound. Like something's trying to rotate but it can't.
    - It displays the error: C 31 00 (not to be mistaken with C 13 00)

    Sony Home Theater

    The DVD player came with a home theater system, the only reference I could find for it's product is the product number: DAV-BC150

    So I guess it's the Sony Home Theater System DAV-BC150
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  2. I know on my Sony DVD recorder C 31 is a disc not correctly inserted error.
    Have you called tech support ?
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    I haven't done anything yet cause I'm not sure on what to do.. do I call a tech shop and have them open it up and see what's in there or call Sony directly?

    And if I call Sony, what good will it do? because none of the "open" buttons are functional. That's one of the main problems actually.

    I know there's 1 DVD inside in the first slot (out of 5) and that's where the DVD player goes to check, and when it does, the problem starts.

    1. It starts
    2. It checks
    3. It gets stuck
    4. Error msg

    That's how it goes.
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  4. I would contact Sony. Here's their web address:

    I would call and send an email. If theres a Sony service center near you, I'd stop by.

    Did try taking the cover off ?
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    Nope, haven't done anything yet, but I'll contact Sony now.
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    Deleted because I suddenly realised I was talking crap !!

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    Almost sounds like the DVD is sort-of in the slot, but not good enough for the loader to load it properly. I've seen similar things to this with both my and my parents' stereos, and normally you just need to take the cover off the unit, have a bit of a look around the tray mechanism and give the disc a little tap so that it falls into the slot properly.

    Oh ..... and when it says "please wait" in the future, please ..... wait, OK ?
    If in doubt, Google it.
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