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    Ive bought an OFA Kameleon 6 Device Hybrid Remote - (URC-6690) and they dont have codes for oppo, do any of you guys have any experience with programming a non stock remote to use with ur oppo? thanks guys
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    There is a forum only for handling RC codes. Maybe they know something.I'm sure, you checked (FAQ) and AVS-Forum.
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    Hi there,

    I don't have experience with this specific remote, or for Oppo (What is that by the way?). What I have played with in the past was the jp1 interface that is on some remotes in the OFA line. Take a look at this link for more information on the jp1 interface:

    If I remember correctly, the Kameleon had the capability to be upgraded to use the jp1 interface, but it didn't come with it installed. Basically with the jp1 interface, you could reprogram the eeprom on the remote and add new codes to your remote as needed. It worked, but was way too time consuming for me to really get into as much as others have. I also think that you used to be able to contact OFA and see if they had upgraded remote codes available for your remote control. That might be worth a try as well.

    You can also take a look here for more info about remotes, they might have somebody there that has come across this as well:

    What I have now is a Logitech Harmony 676 remote. This remote is programmable from the web. It has updated code lists for multiple devices. As people add unknown devices to their remote by learning them from the original, the learned codes get uploaded to the logitech site so that others can then use them. With this remote, I'm finally able to have just one remote on the coffee table instead of five or six. Easy (Easier than the jp1 interface) to setup, really easy on others who attempt to use my entertainment center. I like my Harmony remote very well. My wife balked at the price (About $125), but after using the remote for a few weeks, she said it was well worth the money. If interested, take a look at Logitech's lineup:,CRID=2078

    They have remotes starting at about $99 and go up. I got mine through an online retailer and saved about $40 over the suggested retail price for mine. I know that the 659 seems to go for around $100 online as opposed to the $149 listed on logitech.

    Hope the links might help some.
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  4. I use a MX500 remote

    It has 20 changable on screen displays and I have used it to control everything including old laser disc players and even a CED player. The price is grat at $80 and you may read some customer reviews on the remote here
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