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  1. I don't have a lot of space for my DVD player, it may be advantageous to use it on it's side. (Philips 642).

    It plays okay, just wondering if I might be introducing problems (ie laser reading mechanism / spinning mechanism.)


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    Well the original PLAYSTATION 2 had a stand you could use to stand it on its side. I don't think SONY would advertise that feature if they knew it would introduce problems.

    With that said I DON'T have a PS2 and haven't done that with a dvd player of my own.

    I'd just use caution. If you start getting any kind of odd noise I'd probably stop doing it since that might be a motor balance issue.
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    That shouldn't be a problem. All players should have a magnet clamp that grabs the disc from both sides at the center hub. We use dvd-rom drives all the time at work, on their sides.
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    If the tray has clips on it to hold the disc in when operated vertically, no problem. Many DVD-ROM/DVD-RWs have them, unknown about settop players. If not, I don't know if I would do it. The disc is held in position when inside the player, just getting it to stay in the tray when it retracts is the problem.
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