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  1. Hello all, I've heard that .srt subs can be added to avi files and then can be playable on a standalone but I can't quite figure it out. I tried using AVI-Mux and it wouldn't play. I tried adding them in V-dub mod by using the streamlist, it was playable but subs wouldn't play. Any suggestions??
    Thanks in advance
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    Does your player support muxed subs?
    Does it support subs at all?
    The usual method is to put the srt "right beside" the avi and give it the same name as the avi:

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  3. thanks for the response, i tried that method and it was unsuccessful but i'll try again, maybe i did something wrong. my player is a JVC XV-NP10S, i tried looking the manual and nothing is said about subtitle on DIVX/mpeg4 files.
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    From my experience you have a better chance with external subs as suggested, rather than muxed ones. VirtualDubMod doesn't mux subs for avi output by the way.

    If the player can't handle external srt subs, then I would say that it doesn't support external subs at all. Be sure that they are ANSI though.

    If you do want muxed subs, then I would suggest muxing to a .divx file with xsubs. If your player is DivX certified then they definatly should work.

    You might also want to look at firmware release notes. Because with my player I don't think that the manual mentions subs, but the firmware release notes do, due to adding support, various fixes, etc.
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    in vdub mod click on video then filters and click on add and another window will apear and you need to click on load and go to windows -> system32 and double click on VSFilter.dll and then in the list click on textsubs and then add the srt file then click on video-> compresion and load divx 5.2.1 and then save the avi oh yeah you have to be in full process mode
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  6. Hi-

    Yes, except that's not muxing the subs. That's reencoding the AVI with the subs burned into the video.

    However, if, as it seems, 12 gage's player doesn't have sub support, it may come to that.

    Hey 12 gage, this may be a stupid question, but for my player, which supports idx/sub, srt, ssa, and some other sub formats, after the AVI starts playing, I have to press the SUBTITLE button on the remote to get them to show up. I assume you've already tried that, as well as the other suggestions (latest firmware, subs the same name as the movie, subs left external and not muxed into the AVI).
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    I can only see references to DivX subs working. Which makes sense as one comment also mentioned the player being DivX certified.
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  8. thank you all for responding, if my player does only support DivX subs, how do I do that? Would I just multiplex them and then change the extention to .divx?
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  9. Hi-

    I can only see references to DivX subs working.

    This site is using that word to refer to any player subtitle support for AVIs. My player also supports DivXSubs (as uses the term), but it isn't DivX Certified, and as far as I know doesn't support the Xsubs muxed into the DivX Fusion produced files:

    Even reports from last year, before the Fusion Codec and true DivXSubs were introduced, also mention playback of so-called DivXSubs:

    If I were you, 12 gage, I'd try to get the most supported sub format (SRT, I think) going with your player. First make sure they're working OK on your computer, and then play around with it in the standalone.

    If you want to fool around with muxing Xsubs into .divx files, then here's a long thread about it:

    Good luck.
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    The list needs updating then, because if DivXSubs covers, textsubs, vobsubs and XSubs, then the info isn't all that usefull.

    For instance someone could look up a player, see that it supports DivXSubs, assume that means it will work with external srt subs and then find out that it doesn't.

    Still yet to try xsubs on my player (also not DivX certified).
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    Hello, everyone! I found the BEST free and very easy to use program to ADD .SRT SUBTITLEs to an .AVI file: it's called "MediaCoder2011"!!!
    1) Go to this website and download it:
    2) You will get an .EXE installer file - install the program, after the download is over;
    3) Once you start the program, check-mark "Skip this..." and click on "Start now"! Make sure you have an .AVI file ready with the same name as an .SRT or .SUB file in the same folder (for example: "movie.avi" and the corresponding subtitle has to be named "" or "movie.sub" in the same directory as "movie.avi") - now drag and drop this ".avi" file from the folder into the "Name Size Duration" queue field of the program;
    4) Now, on the center right of the program you HAVE to choose parameters for your .AVI file encoding: in the "Tasking" tab change "Working Folder" into a "C:\" or any other root drive with enough free space on it (that's for the temporary files, which delete themselves after the encoding process reaches 100%); in the "Container" tab choose "AVI" as the output format; in the "Video" tab choose "Xvid" under "Format", change the "Kbps" value into the same as your source file (you can look it up, by selecting a file in the queue and looking at the parameters to the right - look for "Kbps" under "Container:"); in the "Audio" tab, choose "MP3" under "Format"; and finally, scroll the arrow ">" to the right to get to the "Subtitle" tab: choose the right "Language" of your subtitles, choose "Font" as "Ariel (True Type)", with "Scale" slider, move it right about over a last "0" symbol in the "0.000" field (that's the size of your subtitles - you can change it into a bigger or smaller if you don't like my size setting); and the "Position" slider you have to move all the way to the right! (this with move the subtitles all the way to the bottom center of the video screen, and not on the top, as it is set as a default))
    5) Now in the top-right of the program click on "..." to choose an "Output Folder", which has to be different than a source folder, as the new file will have the same ".AVI" extension!!! So, within the source folder, create a "Done" folder and choose that as a "Output Folder".
    6) NOW, FINALLY, hit on the "Start" button on the top of the program and your new file with the subtitles implemented into it should appear after the process goes through to a 100%. And if you accomplish your "adding subtitles to the your video file" mission, you should really consider donating smth to the guys who created that "MediaCoder" program!?!)
    Good luck! Thanks! Alex)
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    ok i get it. you're a newbie. but dredging up a 6 year old post is not a good start. and you didn't even add anything useful to the old post. all you are doing is hardcoding the subs into the video by re-encoding it, not getting the subs to work normally so they can be turned on or off.
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  13. U R Welcome!

    I appreciate that you dig out information from very old thread and found it useful.
    Now you know the format which is pretty simple to edit to modify in Notepad.
    Hope, Mandy gonna LuV U!
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    enim: Just another SPAMMER for a crappy video encoder.
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