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  1. I've got a avi file which is very dark
    Now I want to convert it via virtualdub (frameserving) and tmpgenc
    into a dvdfile.
    How can I make theis avi file look brighter?
    Which virtdub filter could I use for this (or is there any)?

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use the HSV filter (Hue, Saturation,Value), though AVIs often appear darker than normal on the computer screen. Have you checked it on a TV?(If that is your final destination)

    If you want better color filters, just do a Google search for VirtualDub filters. There are a lot of them out there.
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    It could look perfect on a TV. Do a test burn. Your monitor is almost always gonna be darker than your TV. (Some little thing about radiation/EPA and eye fatigue.)
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    Or, try AVISynth and its filters for frameserving.
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    I use the "Levels" filter.
    HSV is nice for adjusting colours, but doesn't do much for brightness, and the "brightness/contrast" filter just makes things washed out.
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  6. Thanks for all your replies
    I first will try to watch the movie on a tv screen (can watch the divx on my dvdplayer) and hereafter i'll try the HSV filters in virtdub.


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