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  1. I've been trying to burn some data onto a CD-R on my laptop, but for some reason, it won't let me. When I insert the blank disc (which my driver recognizes), I right click on the drive in Windows Explorer and select "Format" (underneath, the "Use with DLA" option is selected. When I try to uncheck it, it won't let me). I then get a message telling me that "Write-once media (such as CD-R, DVD-R) is not supported by this version of DLA." The burning fails when I try to use Nero, and failed as well when I dragged and dropped the files in the drive.

    I currently have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (M35X-S149), and I've just uninstalled Nero since reading that it conflicted with DLA. Well, that didn't solve the problem. But how was I able to burn audio CDs, and VCDs, but not data? I haven't made any data CDs in a while, but the last time I did, it went smoothly.

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. DLA stands for drive letter access and is designed for RW disks, so it wouldn't be usable in this situation. The Nero version is called "InCD". If you're going to use Nero, you should probably uninstall DLA.

    With Nero you should be able to create a data disk using the "wizard". Make sure you've selected DVD or CD, depending on what you're using....
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  3. Thanks for your help, JohnnyCNote! However, I have another question (hope you don't mind). I uninstalled DLA, and now I can drag & drop, then burn the files. However, it doesn't seem to like my TDK CD-Rs very much. It keeps telling me that there's an error, but when I use another no-name brand, it burns fine. Any ideas why?

    And I'm trying to install Nero's InCD, but it tells me I need to uninstall my DVDRAM (or DVD drive?). Can you tell me what I "stand to lose", so to speak, if I uninstall DVDRAM?
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  4. I'm afraid I'll have to refer you to some of the other members of the forum for these issues. What make & model of drive do you have?
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    The drag 'n drop method of writing data discs only works with rewritable media (CD-RW, DVD-/+RW/-RAM) as far as I know. So I'm not surprised that you can't format a CD-R disc. Formatting is only necessary for drag 'n drop writing (i.e. Nero InCD, etc.) and since write-once discs (CD-R, DVD-/+R) are not supported for this use, it's no wonder you are getting an error message when trying to format it. So in other words, use a CD-RW, DVD-/+RW/-RAM - whatever your drive supports) if you want to drag 'n drop.
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    dude, roxio drag and drop works with cd-rs

    and so does windows thing with cd-r's
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    InCd enables you to use cd drive like a floppy drive drag a file to it or copy and paste. DVDram is the same but you need to have a dvdram disc which is expensive. They all need formating first. Since these utility could be used at any time the program engages your drive at all times and in many cases these drivers interfere with lots of stuff. I personally never even install such programs. These programs came out when media was expensive and there were no USB flash drive or very expensive same with external hard drive. You have to format these disc to be able to use with these programs and is very time consuming and is not playable on other computers if you don't have those programs. IMHO simple burns or specially USB flash drive is the best and easiest to use.
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  8. Thanks for all the help! I'll have to look into roxio.
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  9. As far as remember DLA is packet -writing software that does exactly the same function as INCD (but is not compatible) . Packet writing software is good if you want to do regular backups .. saves having to store loads of old discs... But I have lost interest as write-once media is so does have its uses tho...especially testing
    Incidentally Mount Rainier capable drives will format the drive as you write thus incurring no extra formatting time
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