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  1. i burn DVd's with Nero Vision Express. There i choose audio: stereo (not AC-3).
    None the less, there is no audio on the DVD. I checked some audio-info with G-Spot, there i read:

    MPEG-1 Layer 2

    0xc0:48000Hz 224 kb/s total (2 chnls)

    Doesn't it have to be 44100 Hertz, for the audio? If so how to change this in Nero?
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    If not mistaken the audio standard for DVDs is 48000KHz. While for VCD quality videos, the audio is 44100KHz.
    If you do you not have any audio on your burned DVD, I would look elsewhere. Maybe a few more details would help us to identify possible reasons for no audio.
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    Some dvd players wont play mp2 audio cause its not in the dvd specs for north america,try using ac3 for audio,ffmpeggui will convert mp2 to ac3 for you.
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  4. I have to update my previous statement:

    - i CAN play my burned DVD WITH audio in my standalone DVDplayer (no problem)
    - i CANNOT hear any audio when i play the DVD on my PC (i need extra software?)
    -isn't it so when you look into the windowsfolders of a 'burned DVD' (with Nero in my case), normally you can see 2 folders: 1 video & 1 audio - folder. Over here i see only a 'video'folder.
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    The two folders for the standard compliant DVD structure are Audio_TS and Video_TS. The Audio_TS folder is empty on DVDs. The Video_TS folder contains the actual DVD structure itself, and contains all the audio and video within the vob files.
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    did you actually try to play the dvd on your computer?

    If you cannot hear audio, then maybe your dvd software does not support Dolby Digital audio (I recall some older versions of PowerDVD that came bundled with hardware did not support AC3 audio).

    (or it could be something like unchecking the mute or turning up the volume...)
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    I'm still trying to get around why you would select MP2 audio over AC-3... oh well... no big. Do you have audio otherwise? When you play a pressed (store bought) dvd in your pc, do you have audio? Do you have audio from .wma files or .mp3 files? Do you have a soundcard installed? (dumb question, but around here... you never know). Do you have speakers attached to the soundcard in the correct output port? Is you windows mixer muted?
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