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    I have a friend who wants to film an event, and wants to prepare a separated audio sequence, in AC3 format, to have a better audio quality.

    What programs should he use to sync this audio AC3 with the video?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Where is the audio coming from ? Is it from the filmed event, or completely synthetic ?

    Most editors (e.g. Vegas, Premiere) allow you to work at the frame level to help sync audio. It is easier working from live recordings that trying to sync dubs or fully synthetic audio. After a while though, you find you can actually read the visual representation of the audio track and use that to get pretty accurate. I would suggest leaving the creation of this until after the video is edited, unless there is a partuclar idea in play before hand.

    I knew a guy once who shot a film (actual celluloid) and edit the sequence based on a reverse fibinacci sequence or some some such. He was able to create an audio track in isolation because he knew exactly where the edits would occur, to the frame, even before all the footage was shot. Not everyone is so anal though.

    Make sure your editing software allow multiple tracks, and that you can zoom in and work at a frame level. Leave the AC3 encoding until it is all done.
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    When I do this type of thing, I use Premiere to sync up everything (use .WAV audio for this). Once the timeline is what I desire, I encode the video, then export the audio to a file. I then use a separate .AC3 encoder to encode the .WAV file. When loaded into a DVD authoring program, everything should be in sync. Just like gunslinger suggested.
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