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  1. Hi,

    I have an Sanyo Xacti C1 Camcorder which records in MP4 format with AAC codec. I tried to use a Philips 642 to play burnt DVD-R and it only plays the Video with no sound. I found out the 642 will play DivX with ic Mpeg4 with AC3, but it does not decode AAC. Can anyone recommend a DVD player, preferably cheap, that plays standard MP4 files with AAC audio?

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    Seems unlikely that you'll find any - at least I've never heard of/seen any...

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    Why don't you burn the aac as an audio cd then rip that to mp3??? Then you could encode that with the video and you should be ok.

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    On you can find different tools for MP4/AAC including softplayers and conversion utilities. I hope this might beof help.


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  5. I read somewhere that the Philips 642 uses ESS chips that actually supports AAC. Do you know if the latest firmware upgrade for this machine supports AAC or when it will?
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