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  1. If everything works the way it should you can select File>Burn to Disk and a DVD without menu and with autostart will be authored and you can pop in a dvd disk and burn it with ImgBurn(starts automatically).

    One important thing is that you must use one of the DVD resolutions Project Settings>and select one of the first four PAL or NTSC or else you'll end up with at BluRay disk.
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    Thank you, .
    I have been able to do this with no problem. BUT - the resulting DVD disk has no auto-start. So, I must fool around with the DVD player / monitor to find the video folder on the disk, and then find the video file in that folder. Then start the DVD from that file Too complicated!

    So, I want to select "Burn with Menu". Because I want the DVD to auto-start, or better yet, have a MENU to click on to auto-start the DVD.

    When I attempt to burn the DVD the DVD Slideshow GUI Program attempts to burn a DVD with NERO 9. OK. This is good.

    But I keep getting an error message that comes up and says: Put in a blank DVD. I do this 10 or 12 times and this same error message comes up. The drive will not recognize any blank DVD -R disk I put in. Why?


    tryin' bryan
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  3. If you use export to DVD menus, then you should consult the Gui for dvdauthor manual:

    If there is some error with Nero ) you could make GFD use ImgBurn instead.
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    Help! I don't know where to start. I have LONG meditation audios that I want to loop images. I dont need to loop Audio.. I need to loop IMAGES.. can it be done with this program? Thanks. I have a set of images.. say 12 or 14 images.. I want them to loop throughout the 1 hour long meditation. Can it be done?
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  5. When you have imported the audiotrack doubleclick it to get the duration.

    Then select all slides: ctrl+a
    Copy them: ctrl+c
    Select the last slide: left mouse click
    Paste: ctrl+v

    Repeat this process untill the lower right bar shows a slideshow duration which matches the audio duration.

    [NB. making a slideshow with a duration of one hour will take use up a lot of RAM and may crash the exporter if the computer does not have enough RAM.]
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    I found a better way, maybe. I make the slides I want..without Audio. I export it to "slideshow.avi", THEN.. I make a new project, IMPORT the slideshow.AVI. as the background for the slides. . I add two transparent slides. I set the duration of the slideshow to MATCH the audio. I add the MP3. Voila! It works.

    I am experimenting now, even more. I like this program.
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  7. He he that's a clever solution and much more memory efficient too.
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  8. Hi there. My brother have used the software to create a slideshow on dvd..but he canīt get more than 300 pictures on the dvd.

    Is there a picture amount limit ??
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  9. Is there a picture amount limit ??
    No, he's proberly running out of RAM, which makes HCenc(the encoder) crash.

    A DVD with more slideshows can be made this way:

    Or divide the slideshow in parts and render each part and use a simple editing program to stich them all together before adding them to a dvd.
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  10. Thx..but he just wanna have all 500+ pictures in one the suggestions is right now not a option..also heīs not a computer wizard and canīt read english Iīll see if I can find some other software for him.

    I think he has 4gb ram....and running Win7.
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  11. Divide it into 200 slides slideshows and export each as avi.
    Make a new slideshow out of the 3 avi files and export to dvd.
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  12. @tin2tin
    Can You add polish translation to DVD slideshow GUI?
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  13. @ golem14 Thank you for spending your time on translating DVD slideshow GUI. I'm really grateful to you for all your help. I'll add the polish translation when I get a spare moment.

    If you want to test it before that here's a way to do that:
    - Download the .mo file from Launchpad.
    - Rename the .mo file to ex.
    - Move that file to DVD slideshow GUI\Locale\da\
    - Start DVD slideshow GUI and select Danish.
    - Let it restart to see you translation.
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  14. It's tested on russian locale , but still are some bugs in interface (in any non-english language). Maybe I'll check this and send my observations.
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  15. Oh, that may be because the main traslation file is not totally up to date on Launchpad, and those untranslated strings simply are missing and can't be traslated until I update the file on Launchpad
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  16. I've just uploaded a fresh translation template to Launchpad. It may take a little time before it is accepted.
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  17. Calling all Launchpad translators. Now the new DVD slideshow GUI translation template is up. 39 new strings to be translated.

    [It seems to me that there are more untranslated words like "Duration" in the polish translation, than in the danish one, but maybe it is because I'm on a danish OS? @ Golem14 is "Duration" in the 'List control' translated correctly on your OS in polish?]

    [EDIT: Polish, slovak and swedish are also added to the gui now.]
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  18. Everything is OK in polish translation except word "Music" in the bar of main window.

    New Polish translation is almost done! Needs little polishing Some sentences from Infobar are too long in my language.

    Tin2tin what do you think about cleaning DVD slideshow GUI directory? Some translations are in main directory (ja, pt, pt_BR, ru, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW) but others in "Locale" folder. In "Program Files" is separate folder called "DVD slideshow GUILocale" with "/ja/". It's a little mess here.
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  19. You're right "Music" wasn't translated - I've extracted a new file, changed "Music" to "Audio" and uploaded the template anew on Launchpad(+a few string corrections).

    I'll check the installer for messy files in the wrong place, when I'll make a new build package. Thanks for letting me know.
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  20. I hope some of you VideoHelp'ers can give a hand on translating DVD slideshow GUI. Here's the current translation status:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Translations.png
Views:	1017
Size:	26.0 KB
ID:	10692

    If you want to help, just login at and start translating online.
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  21. Thank You for new version with Polish interface. There is one problem with this compilation, it doesn't keep chosen language preferences. Sometimes back to English language, sometimes to Russian. Can You check this?
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  22. My guess is the reason is that the language setting is saved in the dsg project files, so when loading a project with russian as setting, the effect will not be visible until DSG is restarted and DSG may therefore start with an unexpected language setting.

    So when opening a project check the language setting in the menu and change it to polish, save the project and restart and reload the project.
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  23. Yes that's true. It's a bug or a feature?
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  24. Yes that's true. It's a bug or a feature?
    Is the glass half full or half empty?

    Either DSG could ignore that setting or ask if the the language of the interface should be changed to match the loaded project file. I have a busy week ahead of me, so I don't know when I'll get time to look into it.
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  25. In this patch the language setting will not have any effect when loading saved projects:
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  26. A DVD slideshow GUI getting started tutorial(google translated from chinese): here!

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  27. Two new DVD slideshow GUI slideshows.

    World Press Photo Winners 2012:

    Clare Gallager Photos:
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  28. Excellent DVD slideshow GUI tutorial by Salva from
    Create a slideshow out of Impress presentations with DVD slideshow GUI:

    A resulting slideshow:
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  29. Best of Street Art 2011 video - presented by DVD slideshow GUI:
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  30. In my former life I wrote and directed this 40 min. film, shot on super16, but captured here from a VHS . It was rewarded more than 10 times and shortlisted for a Oscar(student). Watch in 720p & enjoy:
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