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  1. Does anyone finalize the discs from their standalone on a computer? I've read many posts about editing and making menus on a computer. Does the edited disc then have to go back in the standalone for finalizing or can it be done on the computer? I haven't been able to find any way to finalize other than in the recorder.
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    For Video mode discs - only the recorder will work.

    For VR mode discs (if you have a newer version of Nero InCD installed on your computer) I have found that on my Pioneer 106D that if I insert an unfinalized VR mode disc, play any part of it, and press eject - InCD will finalize the disc before it will eject (even if you don't want it to finalize). One of the great things about VR mode is that you only have to initialize and finalize the disc once. With the recorder you can erase titles and record new ones till the disc wears out and never have to initialize/finalize again (unless you want to). VR mode is not compatible with the vast majority of DVD players however, so that is the big drawback.

    If you want to make menus, precise edits, chapter marks, etc. on a computer, you have to rip the contents of the original DVD and make a new one on the computer. In this case it would be wise to use a rewritable disc for the original.
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