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  1. I'm fixing up a computer and I don't know how to identify the video card so I can find the drivers. Is there some reason why they don't just print the name right on them? I've had this problem with ethernet cards and modems.

    Anyway this card has a 15 hole video monitor out and a smaller receptacle labled TV out. The chip says nVidia gforce 2mx 400. Printed on the circuit board is N1996. On the bottom it says "replace with Compaq Spare BDNV11 64mb 237456-001. There is another label that says CPQ Spare No 237466-001 among other things. Yet another label says V122205.

    Is that enough info to identify this card? If not what do I need to find?

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    Nvidia geforce 2 mx 400 is the video card and you can get drivers for it at
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  3. Ah. So they do print the name right on them. DOH!

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    All cards etc. that are used in PCs (and other electronic equipment) can be identified by its FCC number. FCC is a compliance number granted to a product with regards to electrical interferece blah blah blah....

    This can be very useful in identifying any card you may stumble across.

    Or: search for 'FCC Numbers' over the internet

    Hope this helps (as it has numerous times for me in the past).

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