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  1. I can't burn DVD-R with Pinnacle Systems Studio. I have the latest patches for software and Plextor 708A. I have tried all types of media. I can burn DVD-RW and DVD+R. I can also burn DVD-R on Intervideo WinDVD Creator. Pinnacle Systems Tech Support is no help at all. Can any body help?
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  2. Pretty freakin' bizarre, I'd say. I mean something's wrong if you can burn one format (plus -RW to boot!) but not the other and it seems hard to believe it would have anything to do with Studio itself. Have you run this by the members on the Studio board (this is Studio 9, I presume????). They're a lot more helpful than tech support:
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  3. Pinnacle Systems Studio 9.0.8 will not burn DVDs. I have had more than ten Online Tech Support emails that were totally lame (e.g., upgrade to Studio 8.) More than 6 posts to Pinnacle Systems forum. I finally called "my one phone call." Same old stuff. By the way, I can burn DVDs using any other application.

    No matter what, never, ever, go with Pinnacle Systems Studio 9. I purchase this April 21. I would really like to return for a refund. How?
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    Dude - I don't know what could possibly be wrong as I use it constantly with no problems. I use XPhome and have a P4/2500 / 512 SDRAM and pretty much run of the mill machine. The fact that you can burn to one format and not the other is bizarre, since ou can with another app.
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  5. Originally Posted by sphillips2001
    Pinnacle Systems Studio 9.0.8 will not burn DVDs.

    So, are you now saying you can't burn any DVDs with Studio? In your first post, you said you couldn't burn DVD-Rs but could burn both -RW and +R.

    Also, can you describe the behavior? What exactly happens when you try to burn a -R with Studio?
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  6. Thank you Pinnacle Systems for granting a return of the Pinnacle Studio 9!

    Now I'm in the market for a new tool. I'd like to edit video in mpeg2 or avi, author DVD, burn DVD. I like titles, transitions, menus, etc. I have Premier 6.0 and can upgrade to Premier PRO for $199. Does Premiere PRO burn to DVD?

    What's the best tool I can get for under $300?
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    I have studio 8 and I think you should count yourself lucky that you could even make a DVD. I can't. I only use S8 to capture and to encode the DV-AVI that I will convert to MPEG-2 with TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.

    Pinnacle's software is very buggy and seems to be very picky as to which systems have no issues with it. Some people have zero problems with it, while others can't keep it from crashing every 30 seconds. Any amount of research would have told you that support from pinnacle was non-existent...thats a given.

    Looks like you were doing pretty good. Just a suggestion though, if you could get Studio 9 to make the DVD folders, then you could have just used IMGtools to make an image file and burned it with decrypter or you could have used Nero and just burned the folders straight away.

    For the record I think you had probably the best tool you could buy for under $300 as far as ease of use, quality, numbers of transitions. So it wouldn't burn the DVD, so what....IMGtools and DVD Decrypter are free and it adds 2 steps to your process.

    As far as I know Premiere Pro does not burn DVDs, it is just a video editor, I could be wrong, I use Premiere 6.5 and it's MPEG-2 encoder sucks, I wouldn't let it burn a DVD anyway.

    Save yourself the frustration and get over it.
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    Instead of looking for an all-in-one program just to burn DVDs, use whatever you want to author the DVD files and buy a burning program (Nero, RecordNow, etc) or use one of the free burn programs.
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