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  1. I'm new to the formats that are best to capture or burn. I want to combine my VHS and DV home videos to a DVD. I'd like to get started without having to test and experiment with capturing and burning. What I'm looking for is the best quality I should be capturing?(AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 or the resolutions of each{kinda ignorant on formats here :( }) , then the best quality I should be burning to DVD?
    I have a DVD burner, IEEE (for DV camera), KWORLD TV878RF-PRO TV Tuner / Video Capture(for VHS). Just in case question is unclear. What format and resolution should i work with when taking VHS and DV video to DVD??? Any Direction or Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    No offense, but your first post and you want everything handed to you without having to do any work yourself. Why should you miss out on the pain everyone else goes through doing this the first time ? At the very least, do some reading so you understand what you are trying to do.

    Here are a few questions you need to think about because they will influence some of your decisions;

    Do you need NTSC or PAL resolutions (driven by where you live, what your source is etc)
    Do you intend to edit the footage before putting on disc, or simply dump it raw ?
    How much footage do you have ? How much disk space do you have to store it ?

    And here is some reading to get you started; - about halfway down it discusses resolutions - guides on capturing DV and analogue footage;10 - converting footage to DVD compliant mpeg-2

    Not trying to be an ars*hole (don't need to try at all, really), but people are more likely to help you if you have tried to help yourself first. And if you don't understand the basics, you are less likely to understand the answers you will be given.
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    I concur with guns1inger. Even though I probably have a tendency to ask questions more than is strictly necessary, I am glad I took the time to learn some basic bits and pieces. Sit down, have a read of the guides, then ask about what you don't understand rather than the whole process. You'll be glad you did.
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    I agrre with the others but would also add this: Your question as to what is 'best' has no answer. There is only what is most suited to your requirements. As we don't know what your level of knowledge is, esp w.r.t PC's and video, how patient you are , how much time and effort you are willing to expend etc, there is no correct answer.

    Read, learn and THEN ask.
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  5. Sorry, I guess my question was pretty vague. I actually have been reading a lot of the HOW to guides and maybe I already got the answer I'm looking for --- There is No "best".

    My real question is about VHS to DVD conversion. I've used VirtualDub to cature from my KWORLD TV878RF-PRO TV Tuner / Video Card. I captured at 720X480 , 29 fps , and saved as an AVI. I did some minor editing and burned it to a DVD with Roxio Creator 6. It actually played great and looked pretty good.

    I guess I was just looking for the "best" formula for VHS to DVD (ie. 720X480, 29fps, YUY2 (after read about data format, I'm still not sure which custom setting in VirtualDub to choose on the Data Format YUYV, YUY2, etc.) then burn at MPEG1 with such and such resolution etc.

    These home movies are really important to me and just wanted to preserve as much quality as possible, even if it means buying a new capture card.

    System Specs.
    P4 at 2.5Ghz , 512RAM, 200GB hard drive, KWORLD TV878RF-PRO
    (I've been using the coaxil cable just because my old VCR doesn't have an S cable out)
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