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  1. Is there an adapter that allows me to connect from my video card (S-video, TV out) to the cable (coaxial) input on my TV? I would like to connect this TV for video editing. If so, how is the quality?
    The TV does not have any RCA jacks.
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    You can get a TV modulator at Radio Shack, for example that can take a TV compatible composite video signal (Not SVHS) and audio and output it to a TV channel, usually 3 or 4. If the video output from your card is made for TV or monitor use; It would work. Quality? Depends on your video card output quality. Not likely to be that great.
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    Wal-Mart has a RF modulator from Philips that has both composite and S-video inputs and outputs. This should do the job for you. The cost is around $30.
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  4. I believe they also sell a similar RCA model for only 20$
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