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  1. Hi, 1st post !!

    My problem is : I have tried to copy a TV programme from a DVD-RW to my HDD, but the last VOB file will not copy due to CRC error. This is not a problem, but I am trying to shrink it down with DVDShrink and it will not load it because it can't find the last VOB file.

    Can I do something to the .IFO file so it will load into DVDShrink?

    I have IFO Edit, but is complete garble to me !!!!!!

    Bear in mind I am completely noob to this, I would prefer some ' speak to me like I'm a child ' answers !!!

    PS I hope I'm not breaking any rules as the programme is of the London Marathon which was broadcast on BBC TV - I ran the race and wanted a copy to keep on DVD for posterity.......
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    A few things I could discern from your post:

    1) When a disc fails a CRC check, that means there is something physically wrong with the media. I have had CRC errors from deep sratches and delaminated discs, so I would hope you have a backup.

    2) You're not alone with the IFOedit thing. Someone ought to simplify the interface.

    3) If you can't read a disc in DVDShrink due to a CRC problem, IFOedit will not fix the problem. You could try using DVDDecrypter to rip the disc's contents to your hard drive, but I won't count on it to work.

    Hope this helps somewhat.
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    I think what venster is asking is how to fix the ifo so DVDScrink won't bother with the unreadable last VOB. I can't answer this...

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  4. The strange thing is the movie will play fine, but will not copy the last VOB. The proramme is stretched across 2 DVD+RW's so I want to condense the interesting stuff onto one disk. I'll try DVDeecrypter......

    Mats.hogberg - you have hit the nail on the head......why couldn't I have put it much simpler !!!!!!!!

    Here's a picture of the error :

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    I might be stating the obvious, but have you tried copy the DVD-RW with Windows Explorer? As it's on a RW disc, there's no decryption needed, and no matter what, you have to copy the ifo to HDD before trying to edit it... Try cleaning the disc too!
    Another solution would be to use ReJig to open all VOBs that read fine, extract m2v and audio from those, and reauthor with IfoEdit. Then shrink your newly authored DVD (from HDD).

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  6. Tried all that, this is why I'm asking if there's a way to edit the IFO file. The disk is really scratched, not mine btw, a mate did it for me and wants his disks back.
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    I repeat - editing the IFO will not help you with playing back a disc that is scratched badly enough for the drive to be returning CRC errors. As much as I loathe to suggest it, the reality is that you might have to kiss this disc goodbye.
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    Have you tried using one of those scratch repairing machines ?
    Skip Doctor is one but there are others.
    They only repair data side of the disc.

    I assume you cleaned the disc, I soak mine in cool soapy water then rinse it clean. DO NOT WIPE the disc to dry it. Pat dry it.

    Note that dish washing fluids have alcohol which disolves many types of plastic. I use hand soap like Ivory.

    Also, an old photo-film trick is to clean out the scratches then fill it with a fluid that has the same refractive index as the plastic. Check out your photo supply store usually in the darkroom section.
    FWIW a scratch act like a prism and change the direction of the light's path.

    BTW oil on the skin of your nose or fore head has nearly the same light "bending" characteristics as plastic and often used on scratched photo-film to make a clean photo.

    Good luck.
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  9. I think we might be getting our wires crossed here. I accept the fact I can't salvage the last vob / mpeg file, but would like to use the the other files ( VOB_1 to VOB_4 ) that I HAVE manged to copy to my HDD.

    As I say, I am totally clueless to all this but a friend said it may be possible to edit the IFO file to get DVD Shrink to load the files.

    Hope this clears things up.....
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    What you wish to do is pefectly feasible.
    Make sure that your .VOB files are sequential
    Delete all .IFO and all .BUP files
    Open up ifoedit.
    Click on create ifos
    Select VTS_01_1.VOB
    check mark the little box that says:
    Destination directory for ifo files same as source
    Click on ok and let it do its thing.
    Upon completion, your new ifo's will appear at the top of the page.
    Highlight the very top one and then click on GET VTS SECTORS
    at the bottom of the page. Say yes to everthing it asks.
    Test your new creation on an rw befor commiting to permanent disk.

    Hope this gets you where you want to go!

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  11. Thanks for the reply. Had to do it a couple of times due to some strange errors, but got there in the end.

    Thank you very much for your help.
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  12. As much as you have a read error, it never means it's too late to salvage most of your stuff. I've had cratched disk that may have had a few errors, but I just set decrypter to ignore errors... takes a while, but I ususally have no playback erros from the ripped contents.. usually the errors are minute. Play around with Decrypter settings or manually ignore each message (takes a hell of a lot longer however) and maybe you'll get most of it.
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